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Hilda posts on 8/28/2008 10:11:29 AM Loved listening to These is My Words and Sarahs Quilt. But was disapointed that you changed readers on The Star Garden. I had to quit listing and read the book. It was like when Fannie Flagg has some one else read her books just not the same...HW
Joy Williams posts on 6/22/2008 8:35:56 PM How do I contact the author? I belong to a book club and we recently read THESE IS MY WORDS. It was great. We had a club meeting and had a wonderful time discussing Sarah and her Captain Elliot. We had a photo taken and would like to send it to the author. We're from Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico and many of our club members have lived in or know the area in Arizona where the story takes place. We would like to send her the photo of each one of us holding a copy of THESE IS MY WORDS. Let me know......Tks.
Regina posts on 3/10/2008 9:53:04 AM This weekend I spent devouring These is my Words. I love historic novels with strong women characters and this is one of the best I've ever read. Now I've started Sarah's Quilt and can't wait to get home and read, read read. The story written in the diary format makes it so much more appealing to me for some reason. Great work!

mary hartman posts on 1/5/2008 3:02:20 PM I have just finished The Star Garden on CD which I checked out fromn my library. I hae macular degeneration, so must read audio books. I have always written nonfiction but have admired good fiction writing, and believe me, Nancy Turner know how to write really good fiction I will look for her other books. Thank you, Dr. Turner, for caring so much about your characters and about your reading public.
Connie Shultzman posts on 8/30/2007 9:47:51 PM I have just finshed reading These is my Words for the second time. It is a wonderful story. I was not aware that there were more books in the Sarah series. I will be going to the book store this weekend and buy them. I agree that the book would make a great movie or mini-series.Thank you Nancy E. Turner for sharing characters I will love forever.
Conmama posts on 7/31/2007 10:59:10 AM My friend, Michelle, told me about his book and I had it read in just a few days. It is one of the sweetest and most heartfelt (and heartwrenching) love stories I have ever read. Sarah is so funny and many times I had to just laugh out loud at some of her comments, and the names she called Jack when she was mad. LOVED it and can't wait to begin Sarah's Quilt...thank you Ms. Turner!
Janet Miller posts on 7/18/2007 6:48:23 PM I am also a devoted fan of Sarah. I discovered Sarah's Quilt at Costco of all places and went to the library for These Is My Words so I could start at the beginning. I also have pioneer stock in my family and so much admiration for Sarah and what she endured. My favorite passage was near the beginning when Sarah finds a page torn from a book on the journey to San Angelo. It was so poignant to imagine that page of text as Sarah would have read it, wondering what came before and how the story might end and not knowing what scarlet velvet was. Heartbreaking to imagine having only one page of one book to read in the wilderness. I would not survive the week! Really looking forward to The Star Garden and more of Sarah's story. What a heroine!
stephanie posts on 7/3/2007 9:41:29 AM Oh, I accidentally came across "These is My Words". I have to say it was one of the BEST books I have ever read! I cannot wait to read more books by Nancy! It inspired me and I was sad to have finished the book. I wanted to go on with her and see what else happened!
Jane Smith posts on 4/24/2007 6:47:54 AM I've just finished Sarah's Quilt and I loved it. These Is my Words is one of my favourite books (I re-read the last few chapters before Sarah's Quilt and it still makes me cry when Jack dies!) I like the way she chose to write in much more detail over a smaller period of time, to contrast with the first book. It's hard to believe it's not that long ago - Sarah's grandchildren would be Nancy Turner's parents - things have changed so much.
Robyn posts on 3/28/2007 9:00:07 PM Reading all the other messages sounds like the same words coming out of my mouth! I loved These Is My Words and was so excited to her about the sequel Sarah's Quilt and even more excited to hear about the 3rd sequel Star's Garden! I belong to a book club and when it was time for me to pick a book, I chose These Is My words having already read it, I wanted to share this amazing book with the rest of the ladies. That's when I found out about Sarah's Quilt and started reading that intead of brushing up on the first book. Thank you so much for wrighting the wonderful books Nancy!!!
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