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Luana Kreifeldt posts on 3/26/2007 10:51:45 PM These Is My Words & Sarah's Quilt are very close to my heart. I loved the way I felt as I read them. I feel my spirit is very close to the subject. I have dedicated a self in my craft room to Sarah Agnes Prine. I have been looking for a quote in Sarah's Quilt regarding "strength in work". I should have marked it. I want to have the quote written on the wall by the shelf. If anyone is familiar with it please let me know.
tonya posts on 11/23/2006 12:45:41 AM Is Nancy Turner coming out with a new book? If she is (I hope so) when?
Adora Sala posts on 11/12/2006 4:07:55 PM I just finished reading the book. It was fasinating. So true of a small town before the war. I was born in 1931. I could relate to a lot of things written about. I am going to buy her other books. The one I read came from my library.

Simone posts on 11/10/2006 3:07:23 PM These is my words, is and I think allways will be, my absolute favourite book! I love it so much that it hurts. I mean really, everytime I read, and I have read LOADS of times, I can feel my heart break when I close it. Jack is my ideal man, I think of him allmost every day, I can see him, on his horse like it's a part of him, see him with April on his back, see him trying to win Sarahs heart. See him smile, hear him laugh. It is such an odd felling. That book is my second home. And havn't read the second, actually I'm afraid to. I just can't imagine Sarah without Jack.. :( But I really love this book, and that was really just what I wanted to say.
posts on 9/9/2006 10:35:55 AM I am so thankful I ran across these books. I have read These Is My Words 3 times & Sarah's Quilt once...I passed them both along to my mom & now we don't have a discussion that doesn't somehow turn to Sarah & Jack & one of the characters we have come to know & love. By far the BEST books I have ever read! When I finished These Is My Words, I was so sad - I felt like I had lost a close friend. And then when I discovered there was a sequel, I went straight to the bookstore! Now to read there may be a third novel - I just can't hardly wait! I agree that it feels like Sarah & her family are just down the road & I could go visit them on a Sunday evening & sit on the porch & talk about things & watch the sun set.
posts on 9/8/2006 5:00:12 PM There will be a third part to the Sarah stories? I have read These Is My Words 3 times, and just read Sarah's Quilt for the 2nd time. I love Sarah. Her story is my favorite of all time! I think the Sarah books would make an absolutely wonderful movie, or movies.
Kim posts on 1/25/2006 4:41:12 PM I have read These is my Words and Sarah's Quilt many times and try to read them at least twice a year. I read These is my Words while I was living in Houston Texas and when we took a driving trip to California, I thought about Sarah and Little Clover and all of her family while driving along safely on a major highway at 70 mph. I felt like Sarah and Savannah are my friends. Odd sometimes I feel like I could actually drive to visit them and Sarah would bring me into her parlor and show me her wedding picture and her quilts. I love to quilt also and feel a kinship with these wonderful ladies. Thank you Nancy for wonderful books and I am excited about the new book coming out next winter. Now if I can just wait until then!
Jon Cline posts on 1/3/2006 1:37:12 PM My wife and I became introduced to These Is My Words when our daughter had the book assigned as part of her high school reading list. Of course, my first thought was to wonder why the school would assign a book with poor gramar in the title. Then I read the book. Nancy Turner did a masterful job of capturing the character and essence of the people, the conditions and the times in These Is My Words and Sarah's Quilt. Just like Nancy, my great grandmother came to Arizona in a covered wagon in the late 1800's. I was fortunate to have been born early enough to become acquainted with her. At every turn in Nancy's books I would recognize characteristics of my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, my sisters and my wife. Hopefully I also saw a bit of the future character of my daughter, as we continue to need women among us who are cut from this cloth. The best part is that my wife thinks I measure up to every woman's dream - Jack Elliot. Do I ever have her fooled! Don't tell her I said that.
Pam Marsh posts on 1/3/2006 11:53:02 AM At the library I picked up Nancy's book, Sarah's Quilt. I am a quilter and like history. I was about to leave for some time in the sun and on the lake. I immediately fell in love with the book. I then purchased These is my words. I have since bought a copy of Sarah's Quilt and have enjoyed sharing both books with my circle of friends. Each time one is read, I have the pleasure of discussing the books. I loved the historical aspects of the books. The way that love, religion and hardship were written about was so honest and touching. Many times when Sarah was going through a hardship, I would remind myself that whatever problem of the day I was having, it was so small compared to the hardships our frontier ancestors endured. I look forward to your next book.
Nancy E. Turner posts on 12/18/2005 10:15:06 PM What a nice surprise to find this message board. To answer just a few questions, Sarah Agnes Prine was my great grandmother. Her youngest daughter (she really had 9 children) was my grandmother, my mother's mom, and she passed away just before Thanksgiving 2005. Jack Elliot, is, sad to say, fictional. We know little about Sarah's real life--the diary format is literary license, too. Sarah never got to go to school, but family oral history paints her as an amazing, hard working, loving woman, and I wanted to get to know her. These books are based on years of research: all Indian and cavalry battles really happened on those dates, all incidents in Sarah's Quilt of drought, storm, etc., are true; there really was a Mr. Fish's general store and Miss Wakefield was the school teacher in AZ. Good news...The sequel to SARAH's QUILT has just been sold. It will probably be the final (3rd) of the "Sarah" stories. It will probably be out in about a year. (I'm calling it THE SPIRIT LEVEL, but publishers have a way of changing titles.)
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