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posts on 4/9/2006 9:27:33 AM that's cool...what kind of things do you usuaslly write about? and i must say, i am a jk rowling fanatic too.
posts on 4/8/2006 11:54:42 PM Hey. I'm 12 and from Wisconsin. I am a dancer, and also a Harry Potter freak!! I also play tennis and softball. I LOVE to write, and am currently working on my 5th novel. There's not really anything else interesting about me. Good Night!
posts on 4/8/2006 9:05:46 PM ha ha. yes, very cool. i tried soccer once a few years ago...didn't work out for me so well, in fact, i think its safe to say i was horrible...but im not bad at lacrosse, so that's good. and i listen to kelly clarkson too, although she's not in my usual genre. yoga...interesting. don't think im flexible enough for that, but i have done it before, kind of enjoyed it. then i got bored. anyone else care to join in this fascinating conversation? where do ya'll live? im from maryland...if i didn't say that already...kind of forget if i did or not. oh well. ♥

Tiffany posts on 4/6/2006 9:53:47 PM Ok, well...I'm 13 and I play soccer (on a team). I love music, and my faves are probably Relient K and Kelly Clarkson. I play guitar and I sing. I do yoga. Um...I love watching sports (football, baseball, etc). And I'm a Harry Potter fanatic! lol Anyway, cool convo...
Ashley ♥ posts on 4/6/2006 8:28:54 PM i think he's a real author...but apparently not very popular if he is... well lets see, if you want to know about me, im turning 15 this year and i live in maryland. things i (mostly rock, classic chritian anything like that...stuff like fallout boy, panic! at the disco, relient k) i play lacrosse (at least i did for a few years, but i don't play for a team anymore) books..obviously, i play the piano...then theres just school and friends and stuff like that. so yea, how about you, and anyone else?
potato posts on 4/6/2006 8:15:49 PM okay, all people ive conversed with before. neal asher, is he a real author, or did you just make him up? okay,done with that.... umm... who is bored with the whole snape/malfoy thing? i am, slightly, so id like to ask what extra-curricular activities you people have been doing. im not snooping, or being nosy, im just curious and bored. please answer me! somebody? please?
ashley posts on 4/6/2006 4:04:03 PM nice to see you posting here plum crazy. i agree about snape, i have thought he was bad since the beginning. there's just something about him. and as for malfoy, he's too stuck up to turn good. i think he may ask for help though...from the order most likely, although like someone on the other board said, i don't think he will ever apologize. there are certain things about him that i like, and then i would want the order to help him...but he's just so... obnoxious? sometimes...i can't think of the right word, but times like that, i would just want the order to send him packing for the things he's done to harry and hermione and ron. but, they are good people, and if he asked for help, i think they may give it to him. any thoughts?
Tiffany posts on 4/6/2006 2:52:16 PM Yeah, I hope that is a hint about Snape. I just refuse to believe he's good. Esspecially after all he's done. No. Can't see it. It would just be cheesy I think. But if that IS the case, Rowling had better have a good story outlined to avoid any cheesiness (but I doubt that he's really evil, because I read on her site that she's read thousands of theories for the 7th book, and some of them have been close, but none of them have been right. And TONS of people think Snape is I doubt it). And about Draco, I think he might "turn over to the good side" because he's going to need protection now that he didn't go through with killing Dumbledore. I think the Order will provide protection for him and Narcissa. But I don't think he'll ever be auror good...or joining the Order good. No, I think he'll still be one of those stuck up pure bloods.
Plum Crazy posts on 4/6/2006 12:36:46 PM I don't even know where to post any more!So since I see some familar names here I guess this is the right place.Yes Trixy I think you might be right.I think that was one of her hints.So if thats true Snape is a bad guy,but I was really hopeing he'd be good in the last book.I don't know why I just hoped he was good.I'm still thinking Draco will do something good though,he may not come to the good side,but I still think he'll do some kind of good deed.Maybe not,but I like guessing.Is there anything we haven't discussed yet?Well I'll c ya all later
Trixy posts on 4/6/2006 11:24:10 AM Hey, i suggested this before on the Real Board, but in GOF sirius says "No one stops being a death eater" Snape was a death eater. I think that might have been one of Jo's Sercret Hidden Things. You know?
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