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Lady posts on 4/4/2006 9:28:13 PM they're the same person. the anon. on this board and that one. if they referred to JKR in their post on this board, this board which lies dormant but for the JKR people who come here, they must have come from there... and there's only one resident anon. there right now, unless i'm much mistaken. plus, they sound the same. but thank you for the apology. i understand that having people gang up against you can be peeving. as for the people you were talking about, who put me on 'their list of acceptable people', yes i know them, and we do tend to cling together, but mostly because we've been here for so long and we know each other. there is nothing wrong with being opinionated (seriously. i'm about as opinionated as one can get), and creative ideas are encouraged. as i said though, it's nice if the board slows down a little.
ashley posts on 4/4/2006 9:06:16 PM first of all, i wasn't trying to judge you, i was just responding to some of the things that have been posted lately, although i did judge a bit, and im usually not like that, so for that i apologize, i don't like when people judge me wrongly, so i try not to do it back (a rule of mine which i obviously didn't follow in that last post) so sorry for that. well,i have read more than those three posts, yes, i admit i did go a bit over board (okay maybe a lot), i guess i just associated you with the group of people on the jk rowling board who seem to have a huge problem with me, lorac, and a few other people who post on the board, those who instead of asking us to stay on topic more had to be rude and insulting towards us...and i probably associated you with them, because they used your name on the list of the "acceptable" people they had. but i didn't mean all of that directed COMPLETELY towards you, i was angry and i was tired of hearing people sit there and insult eachother because they were posting too much (seriously, what is wrong with being opinionated and having a lot to say) although the way you talked to anonymous you seemed to deserve some of what i said, and i wasn't refering to the anonymous on this board, i was refering to the one on the actual jk rowling message board. i happen to agree with the one who posted here.
Lady posts on 4/4/2006 8:50:09 PM ok, ashley, talk about being judged before you know anything about me! you've read all of what, 3 posts by me? and i wasn't specifically directing anything at YOU! look, i don't care whether you post on jkr! the thing that i don't like is that i am not even ABLE to get on here several times a day, so every time i want to come here, i have to read 80 posts, and on a slow computer like mine, that's TIME consuming. if you'd think about it, that's not such a selfish request, that we have 2 boards going to break it down a little. ashley, i didn't insult you or say anything uncivil... but then you turn around and spout baseless insults just because you are in a bad mood. and a LOT OF PEOPLE don't like it? the only person who posted in protest is the very person you just got done DISSING. ashley, STOP inturrupting? i posted ONCE! what it sounds like is that your tension has been BUILDING, and my ONE post sent you over the edge. so then, of course you blame everything on me. real mature of you, honey. halfway through your post i was all ready to agree with you... honestly, take a step back, and you will see how little provocation you had for your outburst. as i said before, go ahead, post wherever you want. Mine was a suggestion that could satisfy everyone, and has, in the past. i know, because i've been POSTING HERE FOR YEARS! OBVIOUSLY i then let other people have their own opinions. good GOD, girl!

ashley posts on 4/4/2006 8:24:35 PM hey everybody, looks like i've been kicked off the harry potter board by a certain person who wishes to remain anonymous. although, if they had any guts, they would use a name, and seeing as they know nothing about me (whoever they may be) they have no right to say i know nothing about harry potter, so no, i have not resigned to this board because of those on the other board who are a bit screwed up in the head, instead i will post all meaninguful things here, and annoy them with my randomness, because when people are rude to me, i enjoy pissing them off :) don't worry, i will spare a bit of my randomness on you if you'd like, some people kind of like it and if you don't just ask me to stay on topic, because that's all it takes is a simple please. ♥ im not a bitch, just a little angry at the moment, and lady, could you PLEASE stop acting like a pompous, chauvinistic pig, because it seems that a lot of people here don't like it. so cheers, your vast vocabulary isn't fooling anyone. your just another annoying bitch who can't stand that people other than yourself have an actual opinion. and if your trying to send all of us over here so we don't bother you with our posts, then you should get off the board and stop interupting so we can continue our discussion, like a few of you said, you don't like to have to sift through all our posts to find the "good ones" so why bother reading any of them at all?
Lady posts on 4/4/2006 8:13:35 PM anonymous, it OBVIOUSLY worked on YOU, as you posted the trivial and meaningless post over here and not on jk rowling. cheers, darling.
Lady posts on 4/4/2006 7:02:02 PM it isnt that i dont like reading the posts its that im a stupid idiot with a brain full of cheese and so are you shut up
Anonymous posts on 4/4/2006 4:24:40 PM Lady who are you the message board police?I think people should beable to post whatever they want and wherever they want.The JK board is for Harry Potter so if people want to post there they should be able to.You seem like a nice girl and all but get off your high horse and deal with it.If you don't like reading all the post then don't go there.There you go problem solved.
Lady posts on 4/4/2006 4:19:02 PM COME HERE, ALL PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HAVE LONG CONVERSATIONS ABOUT JK ROWLING AND HARRY POTTER! hello, yes, hi, how are you. make yourself comfortable. anything goes here.
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