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ct posts on 6/19/2007 11:44:49 PM Go to Rush's web site. They have a group that sells official Rush stuff. They are in Canada. I got something from them. You can call them and try to connect with Rush that way.
penny posts on 6/19/2007 10:59:59 PM Hi. My boyfriend is in a picture at one of Rush's concerts in the 70's and he has been trying to get someone to get him a print. He is tried the publisher of that book. Is there an address for Rush or Neil Pert or someone so that we can get a print. We've tried to find who took this picture but not even the books authors know. Please help
Mary Jo posts on 4/26/2007 7:19:18 PM Tix for the recently added 2nd Toronto show on Saturday, 9/22/07, go on sale tomorrow, Friday, 4/27 at 10 am EST!

posts on 9/15/2006 11:17:58 AM hello glen ineed a lesson and a double bass peddle
DEBORAH NOZICKA posts on 2/23/2006 10:55:05 AM I am a huge fan and am interested in obtaining Neil's Anatomy of a Drum Solo poster. Is there future concerts scheduled.
Dan Sheehan posts on 2/1/2006 12:55:09 AM Joe, have you tried reaching Neil through his current publisher? why not send him something c/o the publisher? Let me know if you try and if anything comes of it. -Dan
Joe Cetrone posts on 1/31/2006 10:08:06 AM I'm happy that you were all mentioned in his book. I know, that he's a great drummer, one of my biggest influences growing up as a teenager. But! My main question is this; how can we write to neil peart the author? I'm a writer, and a published author as well of "The Invisible War". I too have had trageties in my life, and found my spirit through trials and tribulations as well. I would like to contact Neil the author, not the drummer. Meaning; I'm more interested and enthused by his writing, and would like to send him some inspirational support and guidence. I would also like to ask him a few questions about writing. A lot of author's can be contacted, is it because he's in the band Rush that we can't? Or does he try to avoid "Junk Mail"?
Glen Gratto posts on 4/23/2005 5:55:21 PM Thanks for that Dan.A good place to stay is the Ramada parkway on Ontario St. Catharines.Dont rent in Niagara Falls!!Too pricey!I'd like to get in touch with Mr. Peart and thank him,but that is not easy.Alex lifesons old guitar tech,jimmy johnson would know how to get in touch,but he is on the road with Stix.Tanks again Glen..
Dan Sheehan posts on 4/22/2005 7:36:05 PM Glen, the book is called Travelling Music. You are mentioned on page 224. I'm on pg. 227 now, I'll let you know if there are other mentions. Again, any gigs at the end of May or any Niagara Falls/St. Cat's places to stay recommendations lemme know. Also interested in hearing any music you got, esp. if you were considered the best drummer in a town in which Neil Peart lived! Enjoy the fest and have a good gig, sorry to miss it!
Glen Gratto posts on 4/22/2005 2:56:46 AM Thanks Dan' What book was that..Too bad you're not here for the grape and wine festival,its a to ya later Glen...
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