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Jean T Castagno posts on 2/21/2005 10:06:55 AM I just finished Night Fall and had previously read Plum Island. I live at the junction of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound in Old Saybrook CT. I will certainly read more of De Mille's books. My favorite scene in Night Fall is the very end when Kate and John witness the attack on the Twin towers on 911 and then return to their hotel.I knew several people and'or their families who died in that attack. And, as one of them worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, I was interested in the note about gifts to charities. Can you tell me more about that as I will forward it to Martin Toyen and his family. We are still shocked by all that happened and his next book should be on that attack. I do not believe for one minute that JFK was shot by a lone assassin, nor do I believe that the TWA fell through mechanical failure, nor do I believe that we didn't see those planes heading for the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As for Plum Island, the ferry for the workers leaves daily from Old Saybrook and I know several people who have worked or still work on the island. They are very close-mouthed about their work and, if it were simply animal diseases, I doubt the secrecy would be so intense. Thanks, Jean PS I am 74 so perhaps it is age and experience that leads me to these disbeliefs!
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