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Tom Smithberger posts on 8/8/2005 6:31:18 PM I surely hope you will let me (us) know if you come to the San Francisco Bay Area. Just finishing High Country which I am enjoying very much.
Randy Smith posts on 8/8/2005 11:48:50 AM Do you plan any signings up here in the Portland, Oregon area? Also how do you pick the parks to write about? Do you visit them beforehand.?
Bill Truesdell posts on 8/8/2005 8:04:24 AM The theme of most of us posting here about Hard Truth is that you have one book that did not meet our expectations, which say a lot about the quality writing that we get every time we read your books. In your other novels, I was there with Anna and it was real. I love the outdoors and have camped at most of the Parks, so it was like re-visiting the park with an old friend, even diving at Dry Tortugas and walking through the fort. The characters were real and situations believable. So one clunker in the body of your work is expected, especially if you are going through a time of hard truth. You are a terrific writer and loved by all of us.

rosemary posts on 8/8/2005 12:13:24 AM Boy, do I agree with the others - Hard Truth is really hard to take. Stories don't need to be light and fluffy, but please no more child abuse themes. And there was very little history of the park, people of the area, etc. as in most of the other books. Please write more Anna, but not so brutal. (Incidnetally, when I read the Lake Superior one, I had to go away half way through the book and felt bad because Anna was trapped in the sunken ship, and I was sorry to leave her there for so long! Also have enjoyed Hat by Hat and recommended it to my friend's book club and they loved it, too. rks
Dave posts on 8/6/2005 9:45:24 PM More of the same. I would like to see Nevada write something taking place in Puerto Rico. I read Track of the Cat and enjoyed it very much.
De Poorter Sonia posts on 8/5/2005 6:04:05 PM Dear Mrs Barr, I just finished reading your book "blud lure" in dutch of course, I live in Belgium. I enjoyed it really very very much. the story is written so realistic I feld I was with Anna every step of the way. Thank you for the really fine hours the book was given me.I even did'n know that Nevada Barr was a women, I found out by your webside, but I was sure it was written by a women. I will keep on reading your books that's for sure !! Unfortunatelly I will not be able to come to your book's signature events, it's just a litte to far from home. Sincerely yours Sonia (57 years)
Rose King posts on 7/30/2005 4:28:57 PM Dear Ms. Barr: Until Hard Truth I have always enjoyed your books, both for the story line and for the insight into the national parks. This book is extemely well-written. But, from you, I did not want cruel sadism and horrible examples of man torturing children. I did not enjoy it at all. Thanks for all the other wonderful Anna Pigeon books you have written. Rose Silva King July 30, 2005
Nevada Barr posts on 7/5/2005 3:23:44 PM Ms. Barr, Unstinting, unstinting, forever good stuff. Always. When I first discovered your books, with "Firestorm," I decided it had to be the best firefight description ever written. (Way back when the dinosaurs were young and I was too, I and my camera used to tag along on Yosemite's first controlled burns.) And then there was "Blind descent," and I swear you made my skin crawl with claustrophobia. I had to put the book down, only to snatch it up again to devour the next page. And now, bless you, here is Yosemite. So much has changed in the valley since 1970, but the High Country is forever. What a welcome breeze of high country air! Thank you so very much. I can't get around much any more in person; your writing gives me legs to enable the return to the parks I have, and do, love. Cecile Hollyfield
Dennis McCargar posts on 6/24/2005 6:24:59 PM I was very disappointed in the publicity afforded your latest Anna Pigeon novel, Hard Truth. It did not do well on our bestseller list here in LA, and don't think it was on the NY list for long. My usual source for my own books, CostCo, never did carry it, I wound up buying a signed copy from Mysteries to Die For, out in Thousand Oaks, where you are very much loved, even tho we don't see much of you on tour...What's up with the publicity? Has this volume sold well? I can't imagine it has, but will hope for the best...don't think your pub- lisher worked very hard on this one... Keep 'em coming, we are very happy with your work, can't wait to find what has happened with Anna and her private life, new marriage, etc. I am impressed with your work on the boards, good to have a hobby, espec- ially one that was apparently a former profession, I,m a librarian and ex- teacher, and I really enjoy the few opportunities i get to be back in a classroom, or at least doing a little teaching, like in our library homework center. Try to get LA on your next book tour! Thanks for your time!
Tom Smithberger posts on 6/20/2005 5:26:05 PM I say more Anna Pigeon in the parks. How do people find out about you? I don't know how to reach you, yet it seems some people (on the message board) have found out how. Warmest possible wishes from Tom
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