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Gretchen posts on 12/27/2005 3:07:26 PM Then you would probably like a book I just finished reading called Herb's First 100 Years by Randy Perkins. A friend gave me this book for Christmas and I read it in one sitting -- was up all night -- I could not put it down. A fun, emotional story that had me laughing and crying. The best part for me was how it ends. HERB'S FIRST 100 YEARS & THE BOOK OF TRUTHS by Randy Perkins Nicolas Sparks is my favorite author but Randy Perkins might have become my second. Thank me later. You won't be sorry. Happy New Year
Bob posts on 12/19/2005 11:03:30 AM Lisa, Nicholas Sparks doesn't have a book titled "The Christmas Book." You might be theinking of "The Christmas Box" by Richard Paul Evans. If that is what you are thinking of, read it. It's a great book. Bob
Lisa posts on 12/17/2005 2:27:08 AM I am looking for an older novel by Nicholas Sparks and I believe that the title is actually "The Christmas Book". Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Yvette posts on 12/10/2005 8:07:39 PM Nicholas, I am trying to do a project for monday. My project has to be to write a personal letter to you but i would need to know your address. My teacher wants to be able to send all the letters to the specific author.I would really appreciatre it if you can please send me your address as soon as possible. Thank You:)
Patty White posts on 12/5/2005 10:17:06 PM Nicholas, my daughter has selected The Wedding, from my collection of your books, to do a school project on. One part of the project is to write a personal letter to you. Is there an address she may have to send this letter to you? You can email that address to me. Thanks so much for your help!
chris posts on 12/2/2005 3:51:02 AM i've heard great things about your books but also that they are written in series. can you let me know where the story begans so that i may enjoy them too? posts on 11/26/2005 3:26:41 PM Hi, I'm Meagan and I LOVE your books. I don't read that much because some of the other authors books are so boring but i've read all of your books and i can't wait until you publish another one. My favorite books that you've written would have to be Message in a Bottle, The Notebook, or The Wedding. All three of them have made me cry because they're so touching! Thank you for writting such great books!
Lorena posts on 11/23/2005 3:48:57 PM Hi Nicholas my name is Lorena and i'm from Oregon. This year i started high school and the first book that I read was the book "The bend in the road" and when i was done with the book in two days, I thought wow he really knows how to write. I'm now on on your fifth book and still planning on reading three more books that our library has. The books that i likes the most were "A walk to remember" and "The Notebook." I saw the movie The Notebook and i cried it was so sad i'm planning to see the movie "A walk to remember" really soon. Please write me back soon please!!!
Bethany Rea posts on 11/22/2005 11:14:25 AM Hi, I love your books. i am only 13 but i can still understand them unlike some other authors. I can't wait till i get to read another one!!!
Jean Kerr posts on 11/21/2005 11:58:11 PM I'm addicted to your books (a good thing) and I enjoyed the Wedding and the Notebook the most. But I had such a feeling of contentment at the end of At First Sight. It left me with a feeling of peace and a feeling that everything would turn out all right for the man who lost his wife in childbirth and was left to care for his daughter, Claire. The way you described the relationship that was about to begin and had begun with Claire was so wonderful. There was a feeling of intimacy on paper. I can't explain my feelings any better than that. Even though Claire's father had been traumatized over the sudden loss of his wife, he actually seemed to overcome his grief through the love of his newborn baby girl. Love heals everything.
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