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Luise Jones posts on 8/28/2005 10:06:01 AM How about writing a book about the funny things that have not gone quite to human planning as he has travelled, preaching, but have turned out to become what the Lord has planned and they have turned out better.i.e if there where any times you have tried to have one thing happen at a cruisade and the toatal opposite has happend and made mirracles happen befor your eyes! I reccon that that would be great as a book as I'm sure that I'm not the only one to be intregued at the goings on behind the scenes of a cruisade headde by Nicky (after God ofcause) as there seemsthat this geat person haas a sence of humour and it would be good for us 'fans'maybe to get to some more about him in this way.
Luise Jones posts on 7/30/2005 7:50:21 AM My favourite scenes are when Nicky and his then girlfriend are sitting under a tree and Nicky was getting over amourous and ended up covered in red ants!!And having to strip off his pants to get the ants off him...!And at youth camp with Dave Wilkerson during Teen Challenge days when Dave and the kids tryed to scare Nicky by pointing to a 'bear' in the woods and he and his wife run screaming to the shack. Letting them give Nicy and his wife pots of cocoa to get the scare out of them (only in reality Nicky knew it was not realy a bear! And let them supply the hot drink anyway. Before going to their quarters and collapsing in fits of laughter! Did Dave ever find out that you pulled a double bluff on him and those lads BEFOR you wrote your book?Or not Nicky?)They are just two but my favourite part of any book is Nicoles' letter to Nicky befor her wedding.
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