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Prue Ramage posts on 1/30/2008 8:44:07 AM I have been trying to get the sequels to Reckless Youth, both in Oz and UK since 2001. Wot's happened? The first book is superb and I'm really disappointed there is no follow up. I'll just have to read Reckless Youth again. With my short term memory loss it might be just as good!
Phil posts on 11/8/2006 7:40:01 PM There was a plan to publish a sequel but it appears to have been shelved. There were rumours on the Net that NH had been warned off in some way. Does anyone know what happened?
Mary posts on 10/29/2006 6:12:47 PM Is there any timing re the publishing of the sequel to JKF Reckless Youth? I was fascinated with the book and would like to read the sequel.

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