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Louise posts on 5/2/2005 3:04:51 AM There are many great writers in the field of historical fiction. But there are few storytellers. Storytellers are so much more than a writer. In the Gaelic, they are called seanchaidh and they were the keepers of stories, lore and history of the Clans, the historian, the recorder. When the seanchaidh wove his tales of magick, Auld Gods or warrior-kings of Scotland, he was not recanting something created from his mind; he was passing on oral heritage that was handed down through the ages. Nigel Tranter was a seanchaidh, and he is sadly missed. Yes, he was a highly successful writer, but he was so much more, and in the tradition of old, he wove many tales of Ancient Scotland as few historians could. And THE BRUCE TRILOGY is Tranter at his best. Once you read him, you will hungrily devour the rest of his works. If you are interested in English History I can recommend, Sharon Pennman, Edward Rutherfurd (English, Welsh & Irish) and Edith Pareter (Scottish)....Happy Reading

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