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Lameal posts on 3/11/2009 8:39:56 PM Nikki Turner is a true queen of urban hip-hop. Girl keep doing your thing. U have really motivated me to accomplish my dream of writting my very first urban tale. my book is also awesome, iam in the process of writing it now. I actually had to stop for a minute just to tell u that u are a awesome woman and i applaud u.Iam going to hit the ground running with my first book 'TOUGH lOVE' CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!! FROM LAMEAL MARKHAM IN TULSA OKLAHOMA PLEASE CONTACT MY THAT WOULD REALLY BE A DREAM COME TRUE.NIKKI TURNER YOU ARE MY HERO I LOVE YOU LIKE A SISTER.
Linda Jones posts on 5/13/2008 4:10:33 PM I am been reading Nikki's books and they keep me up at night. Once I get started I can not put them down. I have been trying to read them in sequence. But it's kind of hard to find them since Akiba book store went out of business. Nikki keep up the good work on your exciting books, you just keep it real. I have enjoyed all your books and I know the places you have written about. You just bring it home to me. Just keep up the good writing. fan for life

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