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Kermit E. Heartsong posts on 1/1/2012 Kermit E. Heartsong has just written a review of Imago which you can see here
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Sensai posts on 6/20/2007 11:16:36 AM Ah yes young grasshopper you must out the sock in your mouth to feel the fledgling of the old man Octavious.
Llariam posts on 6/19/2007 7:38:03 PM I met Octavia at a readercon near Boston a few years ago. She was the guest of honor, and I traveled there to finally meet the person whose books I loved for a long time. And yes, she had a powerful presence and a wonderful voice. Survivor was the first of her books that I read, unfortunately only in a translated version. I am grateful for the worlds and insights she gave us in her books, and the words she provided for things I was unable to express. “Fledgeling” is sitting unread on a shelf for months now. I can't bring myself to reading it. Doing this would be so final, nothing new would follow.
Marianne Hart posts on 3/7/2006 6:29:07 PM I, like another of the people who have posted messages, met Octavia Butler at the Los Angles Public Library before the fire. She was looking for a particular piece of music and told me she was a writer-but about one fourth of the patrons told me that so by the time I found out who she was ,it was too late for me to be intimidated. She had a powerful presence and voice, but she was also shy-an extraordinary person who also could be "just like me".I didn't read many of her works, but I loved the person who wrote them The last time I saw Octavia was in 1998 at a bus stop in Pasadena. it was a very hot day and she was heading to buy an electric fan. I did not sit next to her on the bus. I was still in awe. I often felt that Octavia was sent to us from the future to teach us how to live. Wherever she is,I wish her good and I wish her well. Sincerely, Marianne Hart
sandmadd posts on 3/7/2006 2:19:17 PM Octavia wrote that, to research details in her books, she often visited the Los Angeles Central Library. That's where I, as a staff member, met her. She always commanded attention with her majestic voice and equally majestic, but humble, presence.You just knew she was an "old soul". And, a great advocate for books. When the library burned down in 1986, Octavia was on the front line saving books. After the library was rebuilt, I met her again at the circulation desk although we only exchanged a smile at that busy time. The co-worker next to me checked out her books and remarked on her gracious manner, "That's a nice lady". To which I asked, flabbergasted, "Do you know who she is?" Of course, he was embarrassed to know Octavia Butler was more than just a "nice lady". She probably enjoyed the anonymity of being "just another library patron". One other thing I shared with Octavia Butler was being a nondriver in the city where nobody walks. The last place I met Octavia was on a city bus. I don't remember where I was going and I didn't ask her where she was going. I don't remember what we talked about-I was so awestruck. What a down to earth and noble individual she was.
Regina from Atlanta posts on 3/1/2006 12:37:47 PM I just found out moments ago after reading an email from a friend that my favorite author and a writer who changed my view of the entire world (not to mention the world of literature) past away. I am writing this only get my thoughts out to somebody somewhere who understands how important and devestatng this loss is to ALL of us! I just purchased Fledgeling like a week ago and had been savoring the thought of devouring it on my next vacation. I don't know what to say! -- I'm just hurt and shocked, but at the same time so happy that God blessed us with her unique, insightful, and creative spirit -- if only for a short time. I for one am going to miss her dearly. --Goodnight and safe travels Octavia, when you awake again I'm sure your journeys will have just begun.
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