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Cam posts on 5/30/2005 6:53:30 PM Wow, how come no one is responding to anything?
Ender Prime posts on 5/4/2005 1:38:06 PM Ender's Game ranks as one of my all time favorites. The way they mold Ender's talents into a perfect military commander trained to fight against incredible odds is fantastic. The ending of course is the best part. I love how they made the 13 year old Ender an "Admiral." If you're really into SF Space epics you need to read Thunder in Space by B.J. Bennett. It was fantastic. Check out the review on this site. I can't wait to read Speaker for the Dead.
Cam posts on 4/11/2005 9:35:30 PM Could somebody please tell me more about the movie or where i could find info, i've tried looking it up on google but it isn't working...

Nix56 posts on 4/8/2005 6:38:18 PM Will there be another Bean book... Shadows of the Giant left a huge oppritunity for a sequal, it never explains what happened to the lost baby. From what i heard there isnt going to be a sequal and that upsets me.
posts a bold assertion on 4/7/2005 4:19:16 AM Thanks. And could you tell me what Bean planned to do to protect their children,when someone like Achilis wanna to kill him.
Cam posts on 4/1/2005 8:33:01 PM Ummmmm.... OK Shadow of the Giant is about bean and petra trying to get there kids for the doctor planted the embyros(or however you spell it) in other woman.
Finnegon posts on 3/28/2005 5:06:43 AM Please tell me about the book,please again.I can't buy "the shadow of giant" now,so Please,tell me anything you'd like to say.
Cam posts on 3/16/2005 5:26:17 PM It was a great book! hpoefully Orson Scott Card will come out with another book that good I wont tell you about it since you guys have probebly read it or are reading it Tell me more about the movie coming out will you please?
Stephanie posts on 2/19/2005 1:54:50 PM I heard there was a Enders Game movie coming out, and after looking around for a while, I found out that they are conisdering Dakota Flemming as Petra. Wow, hold it! I'm Armenian, and I find it rather insulting if they put a blonde haired, blue eyed girl into the role. Armenians all have brown or black hair, and the vast majority have brown eyes. I think that finding an Armenian to play the part is unrealistic, but at least find someone with partially reasonable features.
Matt posts on 1/11/2005 11:39:32 PM At some point in Speaker, someone (miro or ela or peregrino or dom cristao i think) asks ender if he believes everyone is good. ender says something along the lines of everyone is good, because when they do something, they do it because they believe they are doing good. Can someone give me a chapter number, and who hes talking to? maybe even a page number...?
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