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henry groiryle posts on 8/17/2007 11:31:14 PM I see that I'm in the back seat when it comes to purchasing this book on time...(2003 pub date) i think that it is a very true account of life in the jungle of the corps semper f 'en fi cpl. G
j macchamn posts on 11/21/2006 5:57:28 PM HElluva Book great job for the author semper Fi Pete
pchadz posts on 11/29/2005 6:15:09 PM Semper Fi I was trying to leave my e-mail when I wrote the last reply...not implying that this forum was being disabled. Again brother, I do appreciaten the words and remember those who served no explaination is needed, for those who didn't, none is possible. Semper Fi bro. Chadz

robert lynch posts on 11/10/2005 11:25:33 AM Hey,Chadz,I'm sorry to hear that your site is being disabled. anyway,You are right on target as to what goes on in the Corps. Your book was very true and very funny as I can remember some of the stuff we used to do also! Please keep up the great work and I hope to be reading more of your work in the future. As alway's, Semper Fi! Robert Lynch
pchadz posts on 11/9/2005 8:55:40 PM I appreciate the words semper fi to all this address will be dropped in a few weeks If you get in before it dies, i'd loe to hear from you brothers in arms seper fi Chadz
robert lynch posts on 9/1/2005 9:29:36 PM I am looking to find a website or address to write to the author and tell him personally just how funny and true the stuff he wrote about in his book was. I am a former MARINE and the stuff he writes about is just so true!!! you just had to be there I guess!!!! Anyway, I'm looking for an address to write to him. Semper Fi!
Curt Torg posts on 6/6/2005 1:33:48 PM I would be interested in what P Chadz's boot camp experiences were like, and what he has done since leaving the Corps.

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