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Alan Bishop posts on 12/27/2009 5:42:27 AM Terribly sorry about my tardiness in posting on this board - mea culpa! The book is "The Cup of Ghosts" by Paul Doherty, ISBN: 0-7553-2873 (which always helps!) I've no news on the latest Roger Shallot story
Sue posts on 12/21/2009 9:33:40 PM When is ther going to be another Roger Shallot story?
Evelyn Windle posts on 12/5/2005 1:07:24 PM Mr. Bishop, I have been trying to get a copy of The Cup of Ghosts. I know you have to be precise with title and author. Do I have the correct title? Is Doherty going by Paul Doherty or P.C. Doherty? Any information would be a help!! Thanks, Evelyn

Evelyn Windle posts on 11/26/2005 6:13:26 PM Mr. Bishop, I will be looking forward to your reviews! I've just read The Great Crown Jewels Robbery of 1303. It was a fantastic history lesson as only Doherty could tell. I thouroughly enjoyed it. Evelyn Windle
Mary Krauthamel-Lane posts on 11/26/2005 1:05:21 PM I would love more Brother Athelstan. It is the most colorful of your series and the one that has the most humor (which adds to its appeal). The characters are delightfully interesting, and they make history really come alive.
Alan J. Bishop posts on 11/26/2005 2:48:13 AM The latest releases by Paul Doherty are "The Season of The Hyena" - the second part of the Ancient Egyptian trilogy featuring the Great Heretic Akenhaten and the Lord Mahu, and "The Cup of Ghosts", the first of a new series set during the turbulent reign of Edward II and featuring a lady physician called Mathilde of Westminster. I'll be reviewing them on my web site as soon as possible!
L.Dales posts on 11/15/2005 6:11:58 AM Dear Markovic, thank you for the information which was most useful.
Markovic posts on 11/14/2005 7:36:18 AM A "cernel" is a medieval French word to translate the word "grille" i.e. the small opening in a door equipped with bars allowing the person inside to peep through at the visitor before allowing him/her in. In modern French we say "un judas". Thank you for asking. We had been wondering whether we should use the word.
lydie dales posts on 11/14/2005 5:52:38 AM I have just read a Hugh Corbett novel, translated into French and have found the word "un cernel" for which I have found no explanation nor definition. Could you please tell me what a "cernel" is? Thank you. L. DALES
Evelyn Windle posts on 11/12/2005 7:09:32 PM Alan Bishop! I have just ordered Magicians' Ghost. Thanks!!! Evelyn Windle
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