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Andreea Lupei posts on 1/1/2012 Andreea Lupei has just written a review of The Devil and Miss Prym which you can see here
Andreea Lupei posts on 1/1/2012 Andreea Lupei has just written a review of Eleven Minutes which you can see here
luciana posts on 3/19/2010 5:09:52 PM please i want to know why does paulo coelho choose his protagonist to be a boy? thanks for your help

Cassandra Dorcely posts on 4/2/2008 6:38:17 PM Earlier in the story, the alchemist told Santiago'' when you possess great treasures within you and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed; At the end of the story, how did this simple lesson save Santiago's life? How did it lead him back to the treasure he was looking for?
Aart posts on 3/24/2008 12:40:41 AM The first best-selling author Paulo Coelho is distributing for free his works on his blog: paulocoelhoblog . com The full edition of The Pilgrimage is online for free till the 10th of April. On the next months, Paulo is going to have full editions online of all his titles published in English.
tweety bird posts on 2/3/2008 5:59:34 PM i need to know all the places Santiago goes and the characters that go with the places and what they each give him or want in return
Anonymous posts on 1/6/2008 8:02:08 PM what time does the setting and overall story take place..?
harsh awasthy posts on 12/13/2007 12:44:22 PM i have not read the book,,,but from the review of the valkyries what striked me the most was the all my life i have been ending good friendships myself...not exactly destroying...but just running away from people i loved(i think i really loved but so confused why would i hurt someone i love),cared and wanted to help....gonna get the book tomorrow...harsh awasthy
tiffany posts on 8/19/2007 7:45:55 PM i need to know six main events that happened in this book. I already sot some but i still need more.thank you so much for your help.
Help Please! posts on 8/6/2007 12:05:26 AM I need help on a few things, 1 Genre 2 Point of View 3 Tone 4 Description of Authors writing style 5 Mood of story ^^If you could help with any of thoses it would be GREATLY appericated! Thanks :)
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