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Azeem Zaheer posts on 2/20/2006 5:58:31 AM I have read many books of sir paulo coelho including ALCHEMIST.I want to ask a question.Santiago found his Personal Legend at the age of about 18 or 20.He has achieved his mission in his life.Now,is he going to waste his life from now onwards?Is he going to relax forever or is he going to die as his mission in life has fulfilled?
karuna posts on 1/31/2006 10:16:17 AM I read The Alchemist and found discussion about Omens/Signs that come on our path to inform us about impending events...Here i am in bit can we interpret omens' messege or recognise that certain things are omens displayed before us.
monica posts on 11/12/2005 11:30:58 AM Does anybody know what month and day is Cohelo's birthday?

clint posts on 10/4/2005 10:22:19 PM the 2 hawks represent the understanding of nature and what it tells us through symbols. it represents the knowledge of how the world and all of its inhabitants communicate and ultimately work together to find their personal legend the falcon im not sure of it was just the alchemist's companion and might have something to do with hoe the alchmeist knows how the world communicates (wisdom)
Miniia posts on 8/9/2005 12:08:39 PM I was wondering if anyone knew the meaning of the two dead hawks and the falcon. I have read the book, but am comfused at to what they mean. I thought that since the two hawks meant the oasis and the enemies, that something else killed them, and that the on the "sides" of war&oasis would be destroyed.. but in the rest of the story they dont really talk about the war that much. So if anyone can help me... what is the meaning of the 2 dead hawks and the falcon?
singingcrayon posts on 7/27/2005 12:02:02 PM Hi Farhana I don't think Paulo Coelho reads this message board but if you email him directly he tries to reply personally if he is in Brazil on that day! singingcrayon
farhana yasmin posts on 7/27/2005 12:46:47 AM Hi Paulo. I m from bangladesh. My husband and my brother is a great fan of you.When I buy your book, I have to buy 2 copies.They are now reading your The Zahir.Think they will write you something about your book. What about your next writing? Hope for the best. Farhana
Betty posts on 6/18/2005 6:40:11 PM Berge, for sending Paulo Coelho a message you just need to go to his official website paulocoelho com and there you will find a window through which you can send the message. He will read and answer your message personally. Cheers, Betty
Berge Sevadjian posts on 6/18/2005 2:18:59 PM Please may I have the Paulo's e-mail?? Thanks Berge
Colin Nugent posts on 6/17/2005 9:04:13 PM The soul of the world is in simple terms the genepool of existence , it can best be reached either through the use of natural hallucinogens and the opening of the synaptic gateways , or alternatively through sensory deprivation in the third dimension . i've been for a visit myself once or twice on a physical trip , if such a possibility exists) and try to interact with the soul as regularly as possible on a spiritual level , i've also had a vision which involved the egyptian pyramids , but i was using earth based liberty caps (nature's gift) at the time. you could refer to the soul of the world as a sort of biological vibrational reasonance with a mix of light and energy beamed about the place for good measure , maybe the answer is in string theory , who knows One thing i do know is that if your interacting with the soul then you will feel it's pain , the trial's and tribulations that humanity imposes , you will feel it way down deep in your heart , if you cry at the world and the insanity of humanity with any regularity , then you are probably conversing with the Soul of the world or are at least receptive to it's vibrational reasonance . If you feel and move with the rhythmic reasonance of earths heartbeat and you feel a massive light fill you up from time to time making you amazingly happy or sometimes with a great wave of sadness and empathy with something unknown , then it is likely you are tuned into the soul of the world and the many many light warriors and lightseeds global concious thought processes that travel it's network or i could just be psychobabbling due to my drug induced psychosis
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