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Erin N. posts on 5/26/2011 10:57:32 PM Oh my gosh! I love you peg you are my favorite author. It all started with me loving animals so i searched around until your book came up ghost dog secrets....(great book by the way). I have also read runaway twins. This left me speechless...... now for my summer reading I am going to read abduction and small steps. I never ever used to be into reading until I was introduced to ur amazing books!
Turner posts on 2/14/2010 10:30:53 PM We were reading Small Steps book in school and I need to find out the 3 types of polio you had. Thank you, Turner
samantha posts on 10/25/2009 2:34:14 PM This was the greatest book i have ever read. My 3rd grade teacher read it to me and i have read it annually ever since. It puts alot of things into perspective.

Reader17 posts on 8/4/2008 11:32:35 AM I love Peg Kehret. In school this year I did a book report on Trapped. For summer reading I read Small Steps then lent Small Steps to my grandmother to read. I LOVE YOU PEG.
Allie posts on 1/5/2008 7:58:33 PM Me and my friend love you! She hasn't read small steps yet but I have and absolutly loved it! I cried and cried it was so good! We Love you, Allie and So so
Lind aRucker posts on 1/9/2006 10:50:55 AM My 8 year old daughter came home from school crying and upset because her teacher was reading Small steps out loud. I got the book from the library and I can see why she was upset. I loved the book, but I think she is too young for it. What age group do you feel this story is appropriate for? This teacher told me she has read it with 7 yearolds as well.
Nikki posts on 12/12/2005 9:36:31 PM Hello Mrs. Kehret. I am doing an Author Study on you and I was wondering if you have any promotional materials or biographical information

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