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posts on 5/8/2006 1:22:39 PM What he said about Narnia? I don't remember that... Yeah, I loved a lot of it and didn't like some of it, feeling rather ambivalent. I absolutely loved Iorek and all the bears, the main character's personality started out great but ...went somewhere during the loveplot. I liked her parents, I mean, not always liked them but they were quite interesting: they could've carried a whole book on their own.
posts on 5/8/2006 1:07:59 PM hmmm. reason i dont like them is cos of what he said about narnia, shudder
posts on 5/7/2006 3:41:27 PM Yeah, I do think that the whole romance subplot got tedious in the second half of the third book. It suffered from choppily written dialogue and cliched statements that, even in context, just didn't work. But the first 2-and-a-half books were excellent despite.

posts on 5/7/2006 8:33:57 AM i dont like the books but hey make your own mind up!
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