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Mary G. posts on 1/1/2012 Mary G. has just written a review of The Virgin's Lover which you can see here
Rachel Swords posts on 1/1/2012 Rachel Swords has just written a review of The Boleyn Inheritance which you can see here
Maria Oramas posts on 5/30/2005 5:48:22 PM Ms. Gregory, your books are master pieces, I have read must of them and I love each one. It is a privilege to be able to read your books, they are fascinating, its like been there. Please keep writing so beautifuly! Thank you!!!

Sharon posts on 3/28/2005 4:01:54 PM Does anyone know what order the Gregory books should go in if ready chronologically? I read The Other Boleyn Girl and am guessing the Queen's Fool would come next and then The Virgin's Lover. ???
Dawn posts on 3/28/2005 12:23:23 PM Hi I believe this book will be out in October in Trade paper. I'm waiting as well.
Smiley posts on 3/23/2005 11:56:55 AM I loved the Other Boleyn Girl and the Queen's Fool, does anyone know when the Virgin's Lover will be out in paperback? By the way if you love this author you will also absorb the Diana Gabaldon series!
Chantilly posts on 1/11/2005 1:42:07 PM I cannot express how much I love Philippa Gregory's works of art! I have read The Other Bolyn Girl, The Queens Fool, and just finished The Virgins Lover. I cannot wait to read the rest of her wonderful novels!

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