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Bianca posts on 9/8/2005 12:49:37 PM Hi, Does anyone have any idea where a person might go to find out if and when this wonderfull writer has any new work in the making?? I'm hoping to have a fourth book to add to my collection in the Lady Robyn series. If you do have an answer to my question, please post a message. Thanks, Bianca
terri posts on 7/4/2005 6:49:31 PM I have enjoyed all three books of the war of the roses...I am hoping that there will be a 4th book. (dont leave us hanging) I was wondering why the author does not have a home page to keep fans up to date with his current and future projects. I really had to search to find this contact.
allison moon posts on 6/12/2005 4:20:57 PM I have read the 3 books in the Knight Errant Series and was wondering if and when the next book will be released and what the name of it is?

Keoma posts on 4/7/2005 10:32:47 AM I am so thrilled with this book! I actually picked it up as an afterthought, it was in the wrong section in the book store, decided it was fate and brought it home. I could not put it down and grudgingly had to force my self to finish or I would not get anything done untill I did!!! I can't thank you enough, Mr. Robertson! I sorely need some fantastic Troubadours in my life!
S. Johnson posts on 4/6/2005 8:21:02 PM After recently being hooked on the "Lady Robyn" series, my new quest is to collect all of Robertson's books previously published- not an easy task! I've found a couple online, but several still elude me! Just read "Atlantis Found" - great story, fun ideas set in an era of Greek God worship. Please consider re-releasing the older books with newer cover art! Any good ideas on finding other "missing" books?
Denise L posts on 4/5/2005 12:17:26 AM I have greatly enjoyed the first 3 books and anxiously await the fourth. Any idea when it can be expected on sale?
Debbe Mattingly posts a call for action on 4/3/2005 10:53:28 AM I am totally hooked on this series. I so hope that the author will continue the saga. I am a history buff and blending medieval history with modern day technology is great!!! Looking forward to more!!! Please hurry!!!
posts a bold assertion on 4/2/2005 6:08:07 AM Thankyou! So does Rod have an postal address that we are able to contact him personaly and sing praise lol.
Staryder posts on 4/2/2005 2:00:24 AM This message board has been printed and forwarded by snail mail to the author. Hugz
Scarlet posts a bold assertion on 3/30/2005 9:52:06 AM Yes, please send this message board to Rod. Let him know that we love, love,love his work and their are alot of people who are eagerly anticipating the 4th book. I would like to tell him he is a brilliant author and an inspiration. Is it is possible to contact him directly? Thank you, Scarlet
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