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David Vayanan Thomas posts on 6/26/2012 2:08:21 PM The 'makara jyothi' / 'makara vilakku' fraud has fooled millions over the years. One can not read all Hindu scriptures to know what they really proclaim but the leaders of the faith are the open books that others could read to know what is Hinduism. When Christian religious heads /leaders stray the lay Christians freely criticize / rebuke them. This trend is seen much less among Hindus except when sex scandals are reported. I for one could clearly see Satan in the garb of an angel of light in the Hindu scriptures. In any court case there will be the police version, the version of the defense and what really happened. All the three will agree 90% while there will be variations in the vital aspects to their own advantage. So also it is with the scriptures of the various religions. We Christians are taught the Bible from Childhood and are encouraged to ask questions. At 64 years of age I have asked several questions about the Biblical statements openly and within myself and all the doubts have been cleared over time by the scripture itself. If Hindus do so with their scriptures I am sure that all of them would like to find out what The Bible says and ultimately realize that Jesus is THE Way THE Truth and THE Life and the Bible is truth from cover to cover. Thank you.
Georgina posts on 2/1/2011 5:50:33 PM Clearly Proud Hindu has not met the man: Rabi or Christ. Rabi was the best thing that happened to me in 1981 after reading this book. I was seeing visions of Ganesh when I looked at myself in the mirror and without meeting Rabi it would have been a long time until I was freed from the influence of Gurus and meditation I was part of through my travels in India.
Proud Hindu posts on 10/13/2010 12:44:16 AM While I'm glad that Mr. Maharaj has found a religion he can relate to, he clearly was never Hindu. He shows no understanding of the religion or culture especially in mention of fear of our Gods. He is no better than the followers he mentions who recite mantras and perform puja without knowing their meaning. He also shows no comprehension of our beliefs. If he chooses to have faith in another religion or way of life, that would be fine, but I think it's unfortunate and in poor taste that he would slander another religion so vehemently. He is no better than any other extremist or prejudical bigot. No person who truly loves God would ever disrespect another's form of worship. A true Christian would know that it is not for any of us to judge another.

Pavel Jancik posts on 9/22/2010 8:58:20 AM I am reading this book and would like to know which part is the previous reader refering to as being a lie.
Radica posts on 9/3/2009 2:53:25 PM I read this book and I was disgusted at the way the truth about Hinduism was distorted and corrupted. The book is full of lies and is obviously a hatchet job paid for by the evangelists who bought Mr. Maharaj- you should try to change your name, skin colur and ethnicity. I know your mother- she is still alive and still a Hindu and will never convert. Maybe this book was an attack on her/punishment for her because u perceive that she abandoned u in pursuit of her religion. This book is immoral and full of lies. I hope you get the just rewards therefore.
M Mathew posts on 3/26/2009 1:36:59 PM Amazing Book 1!!!. I enjoyed reading it & reread it again before returning to the friend who gave it to me . Jesus is the Way , the Truth & the Life -John 14.6
Fernanda posts on 3/2/2009 12:09:30 PM I pray that this message makes it to Rabi R. Maharaj or someone that may pass it along to him. My pastor was kind enough to lend me your book "Death of a Guru" and in spite of having read it I have found myself drawn back to it over the past week. I was a reluctant witness to a small cult that flourished and existed for a time in the early 1980's. My father was the self appointed leader and professed to know the teachings of a guru mentioned in your book. I can identify keenly with some of your experiences but long to speak with you about mine. I have alot of questions that I believe you can answer, if there is anyway that I may send you a letter or recieve some notice from you it would help me greatly in putting my past firmly behind me. Please let me know if I may send you a letter. I pray that this message gets to you.
posts on 9/1/2006 4:24:46 AM Hello, I have just finished reading your book and it is very insightful and amazing. I am a Christian, but my brothers are into the kind of meditation described in your book and have had many fantastic experiences, of which I had wondered whether or not were demonic. I know that the Lord Jesus can provide incredible spiritual experiences/visions etc. but the things they speak of in these visions are more like the eastern visions and certainly not focussed on Jesus as being Lord of all, and certainly not Jesus being Saviour. Do you ever come to Australia to speak? Or do you have team members or others who come to speak here? There is so much of these eastern spiritual practices and mind-sets here too. A lot of witch-craft now, though not so visible yet. I hope my brothers will read your book, and that the Lord will help reveal to them that what you're saying is the truth. Thank you so much for accepting Him and being led of Him to share with so many these truths. I teach Christian Education classes in a local Primary school, and just after reading your book found out that one of my pupils' religion is Hindu! I had been sharing the Exodus story and that Egypt believed in many many gods at that time. The little boy shot his hand up excitedly to tell me that he was Hindu and believed in lots of gods too, and told me his favourite Egytian one. I remarked that through the plagues in Egypt that this one God was showing he was more powerful than all of the Egytian gods, and that their gods could not save them. Please let me know if you or others with your message come to Australia, that would be so wonderful. Mrs. E Thompson

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