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Tal posts on 1/17/2006 9:16:54 PM 2 things. 1. There isn't one, nor will there ever be a movie based on any of his books. Ray has repeatedly stated this. According to Ray, if there ever was going to be a movie made of Magician, it would cost upwards of 150 million dollars. If anyone has that money, I'm sure they'd be able to contact Ray and tell him that you want to make a Magician film and offer him a lot of money for the rights. Justy don't think that you're the first person to make an offer, because you're not. 2. Shadowcraft, I have no idea what you're talking about with saying that Mr. Feist is writing a script for the Faerie Tale movie. He is waaayyy too busy writing the next book. Seriously, if you're going to start making stuff up, you can at least make it believable. Next? Tal
theodicy4 posts on 1/17/2006 6:15:50 AM I would like this series to be turned into a blockbuster movie.
Bjorn Hills posts on 1/15/2006 2:43:52 AM Hi this is such a long shot and i know i aint the first to suggest this but id be interested to know if anyone would like to see this fantastic novel turned into a film as great as Lord Of The Rings. The plots the same but the multiple storylines make this a bonus to Lord Of The Rings . Im making an amatuer film idea of the Riftwar series as well as the Serpentwar Series I reckon it can be done and would be fantastic. if anyones interested suppport would be nice and encouragement to make this worthwhile but at the end of the day anyone can dream of making a film i just want it to be a start to a possibility which i will forward on let me know cheers Bjorn

theodicy4 posts on 1/1/2006 6:53:26 AM I just ran across this message board. I really enjoyed reading the riftwar series and I do not think putting it in a anime series would do it any justice. After hoping LOTR turning going to the big screen and it happening, I now want the Magician its time in the sun too. Who wouldn't want to miss dragons, magician's battling, elves, dimension doors,...? The series is just really well done and deserves its time on the big screen.
shadowcraft posts on 11/16/2005 11:23:37 AM yeah feist's actually announced that he is working on the faerie tale movie right now chris
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