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Wendy posts on 4/16/2008 9:40:52 AM I honsetly don't think any of the brothers are lieing...David have his story and Richards has what the big deal would David know anything that happened when he was gone? and how would Richard Know what happened to David when he was gone?
Janine posts on 4/15/2008 9:48:27 PM This is just my opinion and if you disagree don't bash me or anything. I really don't think that Dave or Richard are liars. I have read all their books and even "if" (note the emphasis on 'if') their stories were not accurate, I'm pretty sure that living with a horror mother like theirs would be enough abuse for me already.
former employee posts on 4/3/2008 12:18:13 PM No one ever said David Pelzer should have or ever has forgiven anyone, not his children, not any of his former wives, not any of his brothers, not any of his former publishers who dropped him when they realized he is nothing but a wining pain, or few if any of his so-called fans. History has taught us that David’s preoccupation with his self-righteous arrogance and explosive greed elevates him any such human traits as forgiveness. Besides, Richard’s first three books have nothing to do with his notorious brother. I have seen Richard donate funds to speaking engagements and organizations where his brother has charged middle schools some 12,500.00 for a thirty minute let down. What is there to forgive?

Clare posts on 3/21/2008 7:01:30 PM "why were the brothers names different?" To protect their identities. It says that at the start of each book.
Unknown posts on 2/28/2008 11:17:31 AM Sorry Richard but I don't think Dave should of forgave you...I understand that you were young and all but like you said in your book...this empty eyes scared you..well that was me i would of stayed far away as possible and also what's up with this fued?
Marin posts on 2/18/2008 7:00:57 PM I am not a good reader, and personally i hate reading. When i first picked up the book, "the Lost Boy" i thought it was going to be as usual a lame boring book. But when i started reading it i drove back to borders and bought A child Called IT and A brothers Journey, My mom has actually gotten mad at me because i cannot set thes books down. I am so moved by these books and it makes me think that i am blessed to have parents that care about all six of my siblings. I am sad to have to admit that there are these LUNITICTS around this world and only if we could put every single one of them in Jail, i am sure many jails would be FULL to the Max. It is hard to believe that a woman who was once schooling to be a nurse could do this makes me sick.
Kris posts on 2/2/2008 11:45:06 PM D and R Pelzer's books when originally written, were written not for the reader's benefit but as a healing forum for two very severely physically and emotionally damaged boys. It would be interesting to see if these two brothers could put away the pain and resentment in order to collaborate on perhaps a movie? And perhaps through that venue could reconnect with their other family members.
Candy posts on 1/30/2008 5:24:05 PM I have read David's books and bought Richard's-"A Brother's Journey". I have not read it yet. I just wanted to say that from what I've read, it seems that Richard thinks his brother is doing everything for the money!!!! That is so sad. I feel so sorry for both of them. I love my children so much and could not imagine anyone having to go through what they (all five boys) did.
Sarah posts on 1/15/2008 5:56:10 PM I think these books should be made into movies just to show how bad it really was for these 2 boys. To put both books together while making it. So, everyone can see what happened when David left the House and to see what RIchard had to endure when he left. Just an idea.
Perry posts on 1/2/2008 12:29:17 AM I have just read both, A Brother's Jouney and A Teenager's journey. It's absolutely unbeleivable what those boys went through. I wonder if there will be books written from the other brothers and their view points. Amazing story. I can't wait to read the last book, A Man's Journey...Anyone know when it's scheduled to come out?
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