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Ashley posts on 8/22/2005 1:34:41 AM hi everyone. .i was wonderin if anyone can help me better understand the hot zone. .or if theres a website i could go to to get help. . thanks. .bye
ajrqbk10 posts on 8/9/2005 10:02:29 PM hey everyone i am going to a high school next year and i need to read The Hot Zone along with 2 other books. I started reading The Hot Zone, but just couldnt get into it because I did not understand the content and it wasnt my kind of book. If anyone has a summary of the chapters or the book as a whole, it would help a lot.
A. Eldon posts on 6/9/2005 10:02:44 PM There was a movie made that was based on The Hot Zone. I'm pretty sure it's called "Outbreak."

Samuel Shotts posts on 4/14/2005 3:05:57 PM I read The Hot Zone when it was first published. I just started reading it again. What a great book. Is there any possible way that your bokk will become a movie. I certainly hope so.
Stephanie posts on 3/6/2005 7:55:14 PM I was wondering what his favorite book, favorite movie, favorite food and favorite song might be?
cracker posts on 3/1/2005 4:43:27 PM anyone know of a site to find a full length summary of the Hot Zone
Kirsten posts on 2/23/2005 3:45:05 PM I read this book in biology class and it's alright but i didnt like it although i dont even like to read!
Jim Hodsdon posts on 2/12/2005 4:13:29 PM You mention that one, at least, tree is mostly rotten in the center. I wonder if any of them fall as a result? The article gives a great description of an activity I had not heard of.
Christie posts on 1/5/2005 11:15:36 PM I just finished reading your book, The Cobra Event, for a project, for my chemistry class. I thought it was a very interesting book. It had a great story line, and the way you developed the characters, felt as though I knew them. Also, the detail in which you described the autopsies was so explicit; I could picture each thing that was happening. So, I'm curious as to why did you choose to write a book about biological weapons? Also, what led you to become an author? If you could get back to me, as soon as possible, that would be great. Thank you
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