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Melissa posts on 9/11/2005 3:08:40 PM I enjoyed reading this book, and I think the author made an honest effort to understand the ways of Mississippians. However, I was disappointed to see that he didn't interview or track down any white Southerners who opposed segregation (i.e. people who never posted 'colored or whites only' signs in their businesses). My grandfather never had such signs in his shoe repair shop, and he received some flack. However, he used to say to them 'When I put the money in the register, I can't tell whose money it is, so why wouldn't I treat all my customers the same?' Needless to say, I was disappointed that the author couldn't find ONE person like my grandfather. If you're going to tell the story about the 'new Old South', you need to be aware that not every white male Southerner was a Klansman in that era.
Bob nolen posts on 8/10/2005 11:17:41 AM I grew up in Whitehaven Memphis area just about (2) miles from north Mississippi. This is a must read for anybody who grew up in this part of the south. The characters are as real as they were back in the 50's and 60's. Now you know why a great university has struggled with it's football program since 1973. Things are starting to change faster now as blacks are taking on more responsibilities. Let's hope they don't make the same mistakes we did. A great book. Thanks Bob

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