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John Self posts on 7/26/2005 11:14:33 AM Are you talking about Revolutionary Road? It's a masterpiece all right, and at long last seems to be getting its due recognition. He wrote six other novels, all of which (well, the three I've read) are of extraordinarily high standard too. You can read more about him here: palimpsest org uk/phpBB2/ viewtopic.php?t=1148
Tommy posts on 4/26/2005 6:39:01 PM Probably the most beautiful and emotionally pure scenes i've ever read. The two are arguing on the shoulder of a highway, and they are reaching for "old wounds" and pouncing on them, yet Yates manages to make this vicious scene into something incredibly human and real and heartbreaking. Cardboard, evil characters are discarded, and the two are trying to say things that really, deep in their souls, are ineffable. You can't convey the type of barreness and lonlieness that April and Frank feel, and to try is to cause two people talking at each other instead of with each other. Just broke my freaking heart.

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