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posts on 4/21/2006 8:43:30 PM That sounds so exciting. i have read only 8 of the books and i agree that a majority of them are a little slow. i cant wait to read the last one. i wonder, how many more until the series is finished, anybody know?
posts on 4/14/2006 2:57:19 PM little dramatic loki. he dose not actualy visit this sight this is a chat room like thing. Yes it is quite tedeus after book 6 if you like ploitics read them all. I guess you could read book 11 it picks up there if it is too painful. mat's wife shows up in 9(I think) maybe the epolog of 8. 6 through 9 kind of sworl together. and if you think that everything revols around rand wait till you get to the part where they think of each other(mat, rand, and perrin) and they can see what the other person is doing. Isn't there any thing you like in the books. sorry if I sound like a jake, finals 2 weeks, so tired
posts on 4/10/2006 5:16:33 PM Alright, I just read Book 5 of the Wheel of Time series. Feeling a little suspicious of a certain lack of action and a bit of worry over Mat Cauthon's apparent 'Best Friend' role (meaning his actions are dependent on Rand's) I went looking for reviews.

Good lord, is it really going to be that bad? I wanted to at least see Mat's wife, but could I even make it if I tried? Do I really want to even read a series when all have to look forward to is Book 10, the one where nothing happens?

Robert Jordan, I am not a happy camper here. You made me like your books and now apparently you are letting me down.

Yes, you can't write believable dialogue and your pacing is rotten. You can't hold back any bit of information once revealed. (Such as when Mat killed his evil Aiel girlfriend. He sits there and wonders about what he is going to do... AND THEN HE GOES AND TELLS RAND. Most pointless subplot EVER.)

But you know what Robert? You can write fluidly and as long as you had that, all the other stuff went right over my head. I didn't even notice it.

My eyes have been opened, Robert. I've taken a bite from the tree of Knowledge and the taste was bitter. Although entertaining. Some of those Amazon reviews were hilarious.

Roman posts on 3/21/2006 5:09:12 PM I realize Jordan is probably tiring of this series. But after this one perhaps a journey to seandar with Mat and Toun to reclaim the Crystal Throne would appropriate.
kay porter posts on 3/16/2006 12:09:54 PM 6 through 9 are all kind of a bler. once you get to I think 9 perrin comes back. I don't understand the last message
Avrey posts on 3/13/2006 9:54:20 PM Morraine is with Lan, and we have not heard anything about Perrin, Loial, or Fale. You have to be talking about the sixth book.
kay porter posts on 3/12/2006 12:33:34 PM loial is not there anymore remember I don't think lith would like it. we also don't know what happened tp morrian.
Avrey posts on 3/10/2006 12:54:18 PM I think maybe it is the next one that has the romance this one is just Rand mat and eg travelling with the aiel and morraine,nynav and elayne are hunting he black ajah and siuan is with gareth and the blue ajah. Loial is still with Perrin in the two rivers. Is that the one you man or the next one?
kay porter posts on 3/8/2006 9:50:30 PM I liked book five but I as I have said a thousand time I am a hopeless romantic. I can't really say anything else after the 5th book they all blent together. I am not saying it is bad but the plot dose not seem to end. but there are some good parts if you sift it out. I can't really say anything with out giving away a lot of it. in the book did loyal go home with Rand, what happends to Rand and his woman, she is gone. the white tower very important and interesting.
Avrey posts on 3/8/2006 3:16:13 PM I am curently on book five and I seem to be trudging through the books...There is sooo many characters and sub-plots and I havn't read anything on Perrin. I know it is an epic and epics take time but damn I am losing my momentum. Please encourage me to go on? Is there alot to look forward too?
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