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Brandy posts on 6/3/2005 1:06:56 PM All Robert Ross books are excellent. I read all the ones I can get my hands on. You don't want to put them down! I am currently looking for his new one "Never Look Back?"
D.Trotter posts on 5/3/2005 7:11:29 PM I just read your book Cause Of Fear. As I read your book, the story sounded so much like something I remembered seeing on tv before. Then it hit me, you had taken this straight from my favorite program of all time, Dark Shadows. I said to myself, this is just like Laura coming to take David away. So to my surprise, after I finished reading the book I read the Author's Note, lo and behold you to were a Dark Shadow fan. I was so thrilled that it had an impact on you like it did me. There was or has been no other show like it. I almost have the entire set on VHS and plan on purchasing the DVD collection soon. So thank you for the story and being a fan of Dark Shadows. Oh and by the way the book was excellent!
Jess posts on 3/10/2005 11:08:15 AM He has another book entitle "Cause of Fear" and i believe he has another book coming out in April 2005 but im having trouble finiding it

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