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Robert W. Walker posts on 1/15/2006 7:30:49 AM I believe it is called tunnel vision when people can't see past their noses, and obviously people are DEVOTED and DEDICATED to their authors sometimes to the exclusion of strangey enough new ideas and new voices, and the possibility that someone else out there, say like Ken Bruen or Dennis Lehane or David Ellis (male writers!) might have something to say and can say it well. Dear Old Charley Willeford for instance or myself. Thanks Denise for standing out of the crowd.' Hope you will give City for Ransom a look, and I can promise you, you will not be disappointed in the least. You may want to see my last comment on the PC board. I think it is my final say there.
Denise posts on 1/14/2006 10:22:59 AM Rob, what is wrong with those horrible people? I absolutely love PC and am more in love w/ her characters but I dont think I can be a part of a discussion group when nothing is discussed. It's a bash fest w/ big words! :) Anyway, thank you for coming to my defense. Denise
Rob Walker posts on 1/11/2006 11:58:06 AM Ahhh...hello again Denise et. al. My mistake. I read too much between the lines. With Email you get no sense of voice...kidding, fooling, facial expresssions, the eyes, the smile or the frown. So it too often gets misread. I apologize. Glad I have a convert. You should think about starting with my new series as earlier ones are hard to find first titles on, as they are OP -- out of print. Am bringing back 12 OP's in E-book form via FictionWise; it is in the works. have a great day -- Rob I

Anonymous posts on 1/9/2006 6:28:32 PM May I call you Robert? I never jumped down on you for voicing your opinion and stating facts about the devine Ms. C. I said I loved it! I like your flare, and you sir have sold me on begining a reading relationship with your books! Thank you Robert, I hope to talk to you soon!
Robert W. Walker posts on 1/9/2006 4:43:45 PM I have been a guest at DragonCon in Atlanta for the past 3 years. My son lives in the city, so I make it a trip. Most of my activity in terms of book signings have been fairly close to Chicago where I grew up; left Mississippi when I was four when Dad came to Chicago seeking work after WWII. Like a lot of people then in the mass exodus to the big cities seeking employment. I have family in Corinth, MS, Atlanta, GA, other GA locations, and TN, near Chatanooga, a place caled Charlestown and Manchester. I am currently living and teaching in Chareston, WV and am doing signings now hereabouts. Problem is the life of a writer is seldom like in the movies -- any signings for most of us are COST to us from gas to coffee, time and energy, and we set up all our own siginings and events with libraries, etc., and we pay for going to conferences like DragonCon. Few guests-- Keynote Speakers yes--but few guests of cons get a free ride. There are conf. reg. fees, table fees, hotel fees, food and travel. You write off what you can but it is seldom a good thing. I will be at Chicago's Love is Murder Feb 3-5 which can be found online. Great con for mystery, romance, suspense, horror and open to the public. I am still making decisions about other visits this year. My books are on all online sites and two titles are currently on the shelves everywhere, a Dec. release and a Jan. release named best history-mystery for Jan. by Poisoned Pen Press. I was also on the Bram Stoker short list a couple years ago, twice, and I won the coveted Love is Murder Award for best suspense series for my Instinct titles. I have not nor ever will be an overnight success, but no one is. Even Stephen King wa living in a trailer when finally Thompson discovered his Carrie after turning down earlier works, and he had written umpteen books and short stories by then. And to Anonymous - fear not, I won't be upset with you. I did not choose this message board, it chose me. I was seeking out any reviews on my latest when PC's board popped up under my search which was for City for Ransom + Robert W. Walker. I have long been interested in PC's books and success, and so I naturally opened the site, and then saw someone asking a pertinent question about the Aruba case, and thought I might have some thing to say on that, but then was attacked for my sounding too boastful or less than modest for some of you citizens. When I made an offer to answer such questions for yous guys, you got tough with me. That's how this inner-city bred Chicago boy got it. We all have our world views, but I'd suggest that some of you here seem closed to new voices, or fresh blood. I dare you to find online one of my books you can open and read chapter one. You might actually judge me in light of my being a professional author and not on what you read BETWEEN the lines here. Why am I back? AllReaders keeps sending me your posts. I did not ask to be bugged again, but I have, several times now, so I opened on the PC board again and saw that someone was addressing me directly. I'm really not the AntiChrist or Satan. That role is left to Lauralie Blodgett in my Final Edge.
Anonymous posts on 1/9/2006 3:29:59 PM Mr Walker, no luck here had to go to PC and shine your glorious light. I love that! Go where the people are! Interupt the interuptable just get mad when they don't take to you promoting yourself on a different message board not dedicated to you. I do understand you have to make that money! Don't lose your spice.
Robert W. Walker posts on 1/2/2006 10:18:58 AM Yes, I am for real. Are you? Don't be so naive. Anyone in any of the arts today has little recourse to marketing, since publishers are promoting a handful of authors and none of the others, where do you think the promotion has to come from? Joe Konrath is a good example. Check out Joe-- the most amazing self-promoter in the business. Can some of you people be so naive as to think an author in today's climate can sit down at a book signing and not promote himself? Give me a break. If you want to know if I am for real learn how to get one of my fine, fine book plates being signed and given away for the cost of a stamp. Some attitude. Try to write a book, then try to sell it, then try to market it, and then come back and we'll talk. By the way, I have done it all in fiction and yet I still come away selling again, a new series to take the place of the outgoing one. How many authors do you know who can say they have six series characters? As for being humble, I was born modest but it wore off. Anyone out there know from whence that remark came? What famous author? The best of self promoters -- Mark Twain.
matty posts on 12/23/2005 12:14:15 AM Good god, is this guy for real? Is he actually giving himself editorial comments? He's even worse than I thought, and his books leave much to be desired..Surgeon general's warning against being bored to death maybe..unfortunately an amateur. Not without imagination mind you, or a willingness to bash others...but maybe there are other day jobs...
Rob Walker ( posts a bold assertion on 1/2/2005 11:03:28 PM Sorry -- in forty plus novels Rob Walker's never gone into audio. Why? A combinaion of things out of the author's control, but most of my editors have told me my stuff is TOO GRITTY -- a euphemism for too horrific for audio, as it might cause all manner of accidents, heart attacks, etc. Some have suggested my novels ought to have a Surgeon General's Warning. My next novel due out in the Fall of 2005 is City for Ransom, a new series set in 1893 Chicago during the World's Fair....Ransom is one tough cop who survived the Haymarket bombing seven years before. Most recently my Absolute Instinct arrived on shelves in hardcover, and latest paperback was Grave Instinct and Final Edge. Final is the last in the Edge series, while Absoute is the last in the Instinct series. thanks -- Robert W. Walker aka Evan Kingsbury/Geoffrey Caine
Cindy posts on 1/2/2005 8:04:36 PM Can anyone tell me if books by Robert W. Walker can be bought as Audio books on tape? Thanks,
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