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posts on 9/8/2006 12:05:12 PM My wife just finished reading Abduction. She has raved about it to me and I will start reading it shortly. We both just watched a recent showing of "The Abyss" and my wife remarked of the similarity between it and your book. In looking at your book there is a reference to the name of a ship called the "Benthic Explorer" James Cameron uses this name in his film for the main ship that supports the group of oil workers under the sea. He also uses the name Benthic in Terminator 2 and in Twister. In your dedication page for Abduction you referred to Cameron. Is this perhaps a reference to the same James Cameron? We have always enjoyed your medical stories and I look forward to reading Abduction as well as any others you write.
posts on 7/24/2006 3:23:26 PM Carol if this is true R. Cook just went down several notches in my esteem for him. Global Warming is something we should all be concerned about, since the damage we're doing to good old mother earth in the name of big business and the almighty profit is almost irreversible!
posts on 7/24/2006 5:46:06 AM Dear Dr. Cook, Did you appear on TV talking about global warming and that it is largely nothing to worry about? If so, can you tell me whose show it was where you were interviewed?

posts on 7/9/2006 11:04:11 AM I've been a Robin Cook fan ever since I read Coma. After reading Abduction, I would love to see a sequel or even a movie made from it if they could stick to the script somewhat. What do you think Mr. Cook, up for a sequel to Abduction? What happens to Suzanne? Perry, Donald, et al? Thanks for all your works, 4tdune
posts on 4/18/2006 3:58:33 PM Robin, if you still have fond memories of great meals at Chez Nous, please contact me.
Ritu posts on 3/31/2006 9:45:07 AM Hi,I am a very big fan of Robin cook and i have read all of his books including the latest one ..Markar.I cant find any fan club of robin cook on the net anyone let me know if there is one or i can make one myself :)
Lorry Norton posts on 8/15/2005 3:34:01 PM Hi! I have read all of Dr. Cook's books (and own them all). I have been a fan for years. The only book I was disappointed with was Seizure. I don't feel quite the same way Adrienne does, but it was quite boring for the first half. It did pick up a bit, but I think Dr. Cook could've done better. I will still read all his books. What I would really like is to read more about his characters Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery. They are my favorites. How about it, Dr. Cook? More on them!
K. Yankey posts on 7/29/2005 10:00:07 AM i read blindsight which was given to me by a friend and couldn't stop reading the book. Mr. Cook is well vexed in the medical thrillers. Read one of his books and you'll know what i'm talking about.
Joleen Jacquez posts on 7/15/2005 11:53:38 AM Hi, robin cook medical story entitled Mortal Fear was first introduced to me by my classmate. I do read books but when it was handed to me, I thought I could not finish that book, it didnt happen, Robin cook novel was truely a " can't stop turning pages novel". I am an engineering student but then I like his stories. Frankly, sometimes i can't visualize and understand his medical terms but I also dont understand why I can't stop turning the pages.
DAVID posts on 6/13/2005 11:06:49 PM HELLO, I am a big fan of robin cook..would love to interview him..does anyone know how to get in touch with him? please call me..i do interviews on a website, and have loved his books for can reach me at 610-324-5709.
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