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ADC posts on 10/4/2005 12:44:15 AM As a group of Cook fans, what is the general feeling toward the filmed versions of his books? Which of his novels would you like to see filmed next?
Debra posts on 10/2/2005 2:02:23 PM Robin Cook is an amazing writer. I've collected and read every one of his books. I find all his books very interesting and can't put them down when i start reading them, specially the Jack and Lauri series. I look forward to reading the next Jack an Lauri books that will come out after Marker. Marker was a wonderful novel and I look forward to many more.
golddust posts on 9/13/2005 11:20:30 AM Hey Vids, what till you get near the end. Won't spoil it for you but things really pick up.

vids posts on 9/13/2005 10:02:49 AM The other books in which there's jack and laurie are vector, contagion, chrom 6, blindsight and the latest marker. i absolutely love the character of JACK and laurie; its amazing how Cook links their story in each makes one totally invovled in the story... i m half way through marker and i feel its good...may not b as interesting as the other ones but certainly a good one.
chtrbx posts on 9/11/2005 6:48:09 PM Well how did you all like it? I felt it wasn't one of his best but I love Laurie and Jack so I stuck with it. It was a great concept Robin , thank you. I never miss your books!
Teresa Eyre posts on 9/11/2005 12:41:44 PM I am writing to you for help. I am a visitor here after Hurricane Katrina. I am at the Washington, DC Armory. This medical mystery utilizes the brain in ways to manipulate the CNS, uses radar to detect my every move and location, transfer of emotions, etc. I have researched holography, fiber optics, shizophrenia, and other areas. I feel it is worth talking to you and feel you may be able to help me as it involves laser surgery of the retina, in my case. I have been in the physics rooms on the net. I have been told to leave the country. I did this in 1998 before the research became known to me and was able to lose the people stalking me. Police are involved with my missing, m murdered family in OH which is what led me to LA. The hurricane hit and now I am in Washington, DC. I have been to the Federal Buildings, NIH, etc for help. MY every telephone call, computer link, any type of help is forbidden and taken out on someone else. The most important issue is the radar used to listen to every conversation I have, my location always being given. I have lost many people from my life over a supposed story book denoting peace and happiness around me. Ohio is the only place where the people might talk to you. They will not talk to me anymore and have banned me from the state. I have lists of attorneys and persons who know about this research. They will not help me. I am in quite a hurry here and wish I had more time to explain it in logical fashion. Laser surgery of the retina and the brain funciton remain a mystery as you know.
Maria posts on 9/7/2005 1:50:22 AM I just finished reading Godplayer, and I am totally confused by the ending. Who is Rodney Stoddard? I feel like I must have missed something. Can anyone help?
Jennifer posts on 8/16/2005 2:44:01 PM Cook is no relation to the former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who died in 2005.
Misty Tripp posts on 8/16/2005 11:01:28 AM Can anyone help me with all the civil laws that she breaks in this book?
C. Mohney posts on 8/14/2005 5:54:16 PM As an avid and discriminating reader of Robin Cook's novels, I am wondering about the discrepancy in the eye color of Dr. Roger Rousseau in his latest novel, MARKER. Near the beginning of the book, his eye color is introduced as "a pale blue", leading me to believe that was to be an important factor for his character. Laurie's next meeting with him refers to her peering into his "dark brown eyes". In her last encounter with him, it refers once again to his "pale eyes". This reference to two different eye colors lead me to assume it would be part of his villainous character traits, which couldn't have been further from the truth. I think a correction in the next publication would be in order.
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