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Nancy Craigmile posts on 8/14/2007 7:51:46 PM Would someone please explain to me the ending of the book "Crisis".....I am at a loss...............
Ive posts on 8/4/2007 1:57:33 PM I have read all of his books throughout the years, and don't remember the details in many of them, but I do remember a lot of Toxin's and my guess is that his description of how the animals are procured and slaughter has a strong basis in the truth. Downers are incorporated into our food chain not only in the beef industry but in other factory farming practices. Just do a web search in factory farming in the US and you will see how bad it is and well it is covered up. Cook did a great job in Toxin, I would not be surprised if he got hold of some undercover footage done by some infiltrator....I almost turned vegetarian...might still go that way.
john posts on 7/29/2007 5:08:33 AM I am in the UK and looking for a US member who could ship me the new title CRITICAL at reasonable cost I can pay paypal .Contact me direct if you can help.

Enrique posts on 7/4/2007 7:26:20 PM Hi, just to clear it up. The book by Robin Cook called Convulsion is actually the book called Seizure. Convulsion is the spanish translation for seizure.
Sofi posts on 6/24/2007 7:47:55 PM I do NOT understand the ending of Crisis - can somebody explain??
Kat posts on 5/22/2007 12:34:59 PM Joan, the book Convolsian is also called Seizure, and is an amazing book
Wendy posts on 4/20/2007 1:45:25 AM In the on-line encyclopaedia it lists Critical, 2007 for his next book.
Karina posts on 3/22/2007 7:49:08 AM i have this project to do for my human anatomy class. i'm suppose to read a robin cook book. i chose to read Brain. well, i'm not a big reader. needless to say that my project is due and i really need a summary about this book. if any one is willing to help me, please, please, please, summarize the book for me :( i would greatly appreciate it.
Joan posts on 2/12/2007 7:05:46 AM Hi, this is the first time that I have posted a message to this site. I hope that someone can clear something up for me! I recently ordered a Robin Cook book from Amazon titled Convulsion and when I recieved it, it was written totally in Spanish. Is anyone able to tell me whether this is one of his older books renamed and written only in Spanish? as I can't find Convulsion in English anywhere and the lady at my local library can't put any light on the subject.
Joy Bridges posts on 2/11/2007 12:22:52 PM I have read almost all of Robin Cook's books and I love them. I am reading Crisis now, but not done yet. I have found a few publishing errors, like when it is Jack talking they put Craig's name there. My question is, I saw somewhere that his next book is Tara Road. Has anyone else heard that?
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