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posts on 9/26/2006 2:53:59 PM Yikes,has anyone else read this. I'm sure some have. That has got to be the most awful Robin Hobb book I have read. The miltary stuff was what mainly bugged me. She put too much emphasis on it. Has anyone read the second in the series?
LBB posts on 8/1/2005 12:54:12 PM I finally read Fool's Fate. Previous posting here said it all wraps ups nicely, which it sorta does. With a pretty little bow. Glad to see the Fool's Fate wasn't what I was dreading .. mostly. But I do wish he'd stuck around. I mean, he was left thinking Fitz had died. Nope, gotta have more. Sorry to hear Shaman isn't as good, so far. The nine previous books were fabulous. I'm hoping to remain a big Hobb fan.
Paul Allard posts on 7/31/2005 2:52:28 AM or is Shaman's quest just not as engaging (by miles) as her previous work ? The characters, the style, the plot .. All the previous trilogies were can't-put-down for me but this last book has left me quite cold : I'm in no rush to know what happens next ( and is it all a bit Harry Potter in places as well ?)

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