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Maggie posts on 2/24/2006 6:42:21 PM I thoroughly enjoyed reading "A Risk Worth Taking" but I was disappointed in it's ending. I do hope that you plan on a sequel. Leaving Dan, Katie, and Jackie hanging isn't quite fair to them (us) even though they are fictional....
Jessie Sardella posts on 10/30/2005 7:15:39 PM I just finished listening to Robin Pilcher"s "Starting Over". It was such a great treat to listen to an adult story without the usual sexual bullcrap that can be offending to some people. I will either read or listen to another one of his stories.
Nancy Distilli posts on 6/1/2005 9:31:55 AM I just finished "Risk" and hoping to hear that you are planning a sequel. I am also wondering when your next novel will be available. Have thoroughly enjoyed all your previous ones and was a great fan of your mother's books as well.

Mary O'Farrell posts on 4/16/2005 4:14:13 PM Great book, there has to be a sequel. Mary O.
Linda Bakker posts on 4/6/2005 4:57:34 PM Is or will there be a sequel to this book? I keep wondering what is hapening next in the characters lives. Very good book.
Julie posts on 3/24/2005 7:23:11 PM Another great novel by Mr. Pilcher, who is blessed with a multi-generational gift passed down from his mother, as well as years spent honing his craft. Mr. Pilcher writes with a sensitive eye to family dynamics and with a definite male "flavor" seasoning his stories. Well done, sir! As a fledgling writer myself, my agent and I can only hope that my own work has a glimmer of your insight and artistry!
J Mauger posts on 2/28/2005 1:00:18 PM Please continue the saga of Dan Porter and Katie Trenchard. So Many Questions need to be answered and you do it so well!

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