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Peter posts on 7/10/2005 3:23:06 PM Latest crime thriller from Roderic Jeffries - writing as Jeffrey Ashford. Meet DC Helen Ryan as she untangles the mystery of Captain Sewell's violent death aboard the cargo ship, Hakota. Good solid policework - and cleverly interleaved sub-plots - keeps everyone on their toes. Another winner by a master storyteller.
Peter Bellamy posts on 6/27/2005 12:55:38 PM If you've kids who like a lot of humour in their books, or you are interested to see how Roderic Jeffries started out his writing career, or even if you just enjoy a laugh yourself, go to his webside and have a look at the first chapter of Brandy Ahoy! Its free and its marvellous!
Peter Bellamy posts on 4/22/2005 12:47:42 PM Roderic Jeffries has a home page at chessvalleybooks co uk jeffries index htm

Peter Bellamy posts on 4/18/2005 9:28:15 AM Did you know this author has now written 143 books, with another due out in July! I first became aquainted as a boy when I read his very first novel 'Brandy Ahoy' (written in 1951!). He wrote that under the pseudonym Roderic Graeme - also used for the famous detective series with the character Blackshirt. Today he writes under his own name - the Inspector Alvarez series - and as Jeffrey Ashford. A tour de force in crime writing - and deserves a wider readership today.

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