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Teresa Stallings posts on 11/6/2009 4:15:14 PM I really enjoyed reading your book, The Cage. I feel so honored that you shared your story with the world. Reading your book has helped me come to terms with some losses I have gone through. You had such a strong will to survive for your Mother and other family members. I am sure your book has inspired and will contnue to inspire others. How did you find the will to keep living after going through so much as a young girl? I look forward to reading, To Life next. Sincerely, Teresa Stallings
Kate posts on 10/30/2009 4:13:30 PM I don't want to cause pain, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel about your past.... But I have a few more questions. Is Riva a nickname, short for Rifkele? How did your name change from Riva Minska to Ruth Minsky? Why did Laibele's grave say Minski?
oliver posts on 10/22/2009 1:47:00 PM hi riva i dont understand because you were three different people in the cage and now?

Kate posts on 10/21/2009 5:37:04 PM I don't understand. Are Ruth, Riva, and Rifkele all the same person?
lily posts on 10/21/2009 2:01:23 PM hi riva it me lily and i wanted to ask you a question how was living in a concintration camp was it scary?
RUTH MINSKY SENDER posts on 10/21/2009 1:41:52 PM Dear Oscar. I just spoke to Jose and he told me about you. I love to hear from you. e-mail rsender @ optonline . net With best wishes to a new found cousin Ruth/Riva
MaLinda posts on 10/20/2009 10:12:54 PM I am an 8th grade teacher. I have been reading your book to my students. I have cried and continue to cry every time I read this to my students. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Oscar posts on 10/19/2009 3:20:56 PM Dear Ruth, My grandmothers' name is Jume Minsky (later on changed to Obronsky) and is one of your father's sisters who emigrated to Argentina (with Ema and several other sisters) before the war. José S., an MD from Miami, and a cousin of yours gave me your name. I live in Montreal and would very much like to get a hold of you. I work at the University of Montreal. Best regards and hope to hear from you. Oscar
lily posts on 10/19/2009 1:52:01 PM thank you riva and i will read to life because i know that it will be as good as the cage and my friend lesely read that book and she thought it was amazing! sincerly, lily
RUTH MINSKY SENDER posts on 10/15/2009 5:54:59 PM Dear Lily. I am glad that my book touched you. We must learn from the past to have a future. Pleas read also TO LIFE. With best wishes. Riva
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