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Lee posts on 4/16/2008 8:31:10 PM According to the October, 2004, newsletter of the I Love a Mystery Bookstore in Kansas City, Rendell is pronounced REN-dell.
Lee posts on 4/16/2008 7:59:49 PM The Ruth Rendell story about the crossword puzzle solver named Stanley is actually her 1971 novel ONE ACROSS, TWO DOWN.
Joan B. posts on 4/21/2007 4:58:03 PM I am looking for a Rendell short story about a man who cheated at crozzword puzzles to fool his wife by getting the answers before he sat down to do the puzzle. Bad things happen when she discovers he's fooled her. I need the story's title and/or what it appears in. Thanks.

Julie posts on 12/10/2006 11:44:57 AM Does anyone know of a book by Ruth Rendell where the main character is called "Stanley". I don't think it is a Wrexford book, and probably one of her more recent novels. What is the title of the book?
posts on 4/29/2006 8:49:10 PM I couldn't find an answer to the previously posted query re pronunciation of Rendell. Is there an accented syllable or is there no stress?
Althea posts on 12/30/2005 8:37:29 AM How does Ms. Rendell pronounce her last name? Accent on first or last syllable? (I get "corrected"!)
Roger Evans posts on 11/22/2005 12:50:47 PM Loved it, but I sure missed something important: Who shot Carol and Edward and WHY? I'm puzzled. posts on 7/5/2005 5:04:58 PM I really enjoyed the scene when Minty actually stabs the REAL Jock. I was utterly shocked and I admired the way that ruth Rendell evoked that feeling through her words.
susan posts on 3/27/2005 1:44:46 PM Wexford's daughter sylvia gets beat up by her live-in boyfriend. Why is he not charged for battery? They are more worried that he well charge Wexford for punching him and having a fall down the stairs. Does England have no spousal abuse laws?

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