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vero posts on 4/17/2008 11:27:56 PM What is the book Caramelo about... specific details please... What is the main idea?
posts on 8/5/2006 9:09:50 PM What is the book Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros about in details? Give me a summary of the book please.
posts on 5/3/2006 9:11:58 AM What inspired you to wite the books you wrote? I would really enjoy hearing the feed bck because i am researching you.

ziggy posts on 6/14/2005 12:54:58 PM get high bitches all the time this is ziggy im out much luvvvv
iselda posts on 4/12/2005 5:12:12 PM hi i am doing research on you and your writhing and i wanted to ask you a question how did your work help bring the perspective of chicana women into the mainstream of literary feminism?

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