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Ezgi posts on 5/30/2008 6:24:08 PM Hello readers =] I read "Meet Me under the Ombu Tree" when i was 16, about the same age as Sofia so this novel really captured my interest! and made me realise how small my own world was. I dont know if anyone else felt that way. When reading this novel, you really do feel Argentina, as someone else said in a previous message. Feeling the sense of regret throughout the novel is inevitable! I was sort of surprised at Sofia's decision at the end of the novel, but it made me realise that Sofia had grown up and matured, and faced the facts and realities of her life. i'm not so sure about a sequel and santi and sofia getting back together... as well as sofia's journey psychologically, santi had obviously gone through the same and again... the sense of regret and the movement of time is very present and makes you realise that you should make the most of everything in the present. This novel is my all time favourite!
posts on 6/9/2006 7:28:22 AM I have read a few os Santa's books now and I have read Under The Ombu Tree about ten times and it's still just as magical each time. You actually feel like you are in Argentina with them! The Butterfly Box is also one of my favourites and I am just about to start the Forget Me Not Sonata and I just know that I won't be able to put it down! I think this woman is a literacy genius and Under The Ombu Tree is the most brilliant and enchanting book I have EVER read truly! I am also very excited about the sequel if it's true! I also recommend all of her to books to family and friends because it would be a crime to keep them all for myself! Keep writing Santa! XXX
annemieke posts on 3/3/2006 1:35:07 PM Hello dear readers i just started reating this book of Santa Montefiore I am only at page 42 and i allready love it 380 pages to go... i am really curious about what's gonna happen next. this book that i am reading is named de vergeet me niet sonate wich means in englisch don't forget me sonata. i would like to say to miss Montifiore that she is a wonderfull wrichter. sorry my englisch is so ugly... loves from Annemieke

Rozinna posts on 5/25/2005 10:07:29 AM I stayed up all night reading. I am so sad, I cant stop cying I hope that there is a sequel and they get together in the end
sara posts on 2/22/2005 8:24:10 PM I read it a year ago and I also loved it. And you know what? I know from a top secret source that santa Montefiore will write a sequel to Meet me under the ombu tree :) this is so great to know that because after I read the book I couldn't help the feeling that it shouldn't end this way.. you know Sofia and Santi apart. Since that time I read all of Santa Montefiore books. I loved them all, most of course "Meet me..", my second favourite was "The Forget-Me-Not Sonata" :) I hoped you injoyed the books too and what are your opinions about a sequel of ombu.

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