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Kelley posts on 3/18/2007 2:19:43 PM I would go with just listen or a truth about forever they where my favorites
Laura posts on 3/7/2007 7:07:18 PM I have only read dreamland but it was amazing! i am suprised that more people haven't read it. any reccomendations for the next one i should read?
Katelyn posts on 3/7/2007 5:47:19 PM Wow "the truth about forever" is my new FAVORITE book. Macy reminds me so much of myself. it is totally AWESOME!

beka. posts on 3/1/2007 11:04:47 PM i LOVE. this book. i was reading it in class for 3 days straight. i couldnt put it down now im doing a project on it. sarah dessen is anazing
Kelley posts on 2/14/2007 6:48:41 PM Just listen is an amazing book you will not be dissapointed
April posts on 2/14/2007 8:05:52 AM You're books are amazing. I've read this lullaby and The Truth about forever so far.. I will VERY soon get to Just Listen. You are by far my favoite author. Keep puttin out masterpieces like these!!
Kelley posts on 1/9/2007 3:28:13 PM yeah i did i just kind of zoned out during the ending from some reason iat first i reall did not get why all of a sudden she was walkiing that was all.
lily posts on 1/7/2007 10:28:23 PM I love 'Just Listen' it is one of my favorite books of hers. I love Owen, he's so sweet.
kalley posts on 1/6/2007 8:38:09 PM The book, Someone Like You, was very good and i don't know how some people were confused about the ending! Scarlett has her baby, Grace HAlley Thomas and continues on in life, with Halley being there for her every step of the way! It wasn't confusing it was amazing and straight forward! I love you Sarah Dessen... keep your books coming! Thanks!:)
Anna posts on 1/6/2007 7:51:20 PM well to Kelley, what are you confused about? and if you read from the point that you got confuzed from on, then maybe you will understand it better.
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