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Chris posts on 5/9/2005 3:25:22 PM Just a reality check--the "painter" cannot possibly be Michaelangelo. The "painter" came from a northern European monastery, had difficulty with the Tuscan dialect and later in the novel he left Italy and traveled to England. Michelangelo was a native Italian who never went to England and considered himself a sculptor.
Chris posts on 4/25/2005 5:20:27 PM My book club meet Friday night to discuss this incredible book. We are torn between believing the mystery painter is Michaelangelo and believing he is someone who studied under Michaelangelo. Can you shed some light on our discussions.
Pauli posts on 4/15/2005 9:47:48 PM The only ending that would make sense in this novel is the one that actually happened. Alessandra attrached a pigs bladder to her bossom to represent a tumor when in actual fact she had commited sucicide with the help of her maid Erila. She dies with peace of mind and knokwing that her husband the painter and her daughter are safe. For all of you's that don't know the painters tru identity is never revealed until the epilouge of the book, which in this case we believe it to be Michealangelo.

una jackman posts on 4/11/2005 9:46:13 PM Can you please explain the two endings of the story. In bookclub we wanted to know if the endings were imagined or if one of them actually happened. We loved the book,but would love some questions answered. THanks, Una Jackman
Pauli posts on 4/10/2005 7:20:26 PM I think the most signifigant point in the novel is when Alessandra tells her mother that she wants to get married so she doenst havet o be shipping off to the convent. This shows her bravery and her fight. I also think that the part at the end when they describe in detail her snake tattoo is significant as well. Hope it helps.
jOanNA posts on 4/9/2005 3:52:57 PM I'm doing a book report on this book. There are soo many events that happen in this book that it's hard to summarize. if you could help me by giving me your opinion on events that stick in your mind.. i would really appreciate it.
Melanie posts on 3/25/2005 2:12:13 PM In the novel The Birth of Venus, what exactly does the title mean?
Pauli posts on 3/14/2005 2:50:25 PM At a point at the end of the novel MichaelAngelo is mentioned, with reference to the painter. Is the mysterious painter that is spoken about throughout the whole novel and whom Alessandra falls in love with the newly discovered MichaelAngelo?
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