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Cathy B. in Nottingham posts on 3/28/2005 7:23:33 AM Dear All, I'm here for a while from Atlanta, GA, USA and a huge fan of all three of Sarah Waters' books. Am eager to find myself of copy of the BBC version of Tipping the Velvet...and if any other film or bbc versions are in the works. I have heard there's a BBC version of Fingersmith and a film of Affinity in the works. Please advise. It's almost impossible to get copies of these BBC versions in the States... Many thanks, Cathy B. in Nottingham, UK
John DeGraphenreed posts on 3/11/2005 10:22:41 PM You should check the Virago Press Forum (her publisher), for the latest posts on Sarah Waters (A much more active board). Since this board won't allow websites, to be posted, if you'd like you can email me and I'll forward it to you.(JohnD72839 at AOL). I love her works too and know exactly what you mean about the characters staying with you. For me, days at a time. I also picked up a copy of the BBC production of "Tipping the Velvet" which is very good. Obviously it was not as comprehensive as the book, but she did consult in the writing of the screenplay and it had that same haunting quality about it that the novel itself does. She also does an interview and there is other production information on the DVD version of the film. As a fledgling author of GLBT literature myself, I can only hope I'd ever reach the pinnacle where she is. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her fourth novel in February 2006. (Also recommended GBLT authors: Karin Kallmaker and Marianne K. Martin) Marianne's a friend and mentor. Her latest book "Under The Witness Tree" is a Must Buy! JohnD
linda moggio posts on 2/5/2005 1:28:18 PM I have been fooled again. First I thought that "Tipping the Velvet" could not be topped, then I read "Fingersmith" and was astounded that I judged it to be a better book and better writing than "Tipping the Velvet". Then I read "Affinity", the tenderest writing that I have ever experienced. I've always considered myself to have a life, however, when I finished this book, I felt more involved with the lives in the book than my own. I was crushed and lived my waking hours thinking about the characters whenever I was not distracted by daily necessities. I won't even try to explain the brilliance of the plot and the denoument (sp?). What I will mention is Sarah Waters' ability to create characters in this book that are unimaginably magnetic, sympathetic and tender (when the leather of their boots came just close enough to kiss) and still keep a focus on the devastating happening at the end. I am hooked.

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