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Ezekiel Steiner posts a message on 11/10/2005 11:26:12 PM Another thing that worked against Hawks' reputation was that he always chose to work within the standard Hollywood genres, making traditional Westerns, hard-boiled gangster movies, zany situation comedies, and exciting adventure films. He never made a serious film on an important subject or produced a single generally acclaimed classic like Welles' Citizen Kane or Ford's Stagecoach. He did not make obviously sociological documents like Stanley Kramer and Sidney Lumet or psychological dramas like William Wyler and Elia Kazan. Finally, his film technique hasn't brought him much praise because it was so simple and straightforward. His forty-one feature films, made in a career spanning almost half a century, never sought to call attention to their style, their intellectual content, or to the man who made them. Ezekiel Steiner
Ezekiel Steiner posts a message on 11/10/2005 11:17:17 PM A note on Howard Hawks the director of Scareface. Like many of his characters Howard Hawks is good but not obviously so and not according to the usual standards. He is one of the last American directors to be considered a major artist. To some extent this is because, like those characters in his films who naturally discount their achievements, he refused to claim his work as anything but entertainment. He defined the good director merely as “somebody who doesn't annoy you,” and insisted “I'm interested in having people go and see the picture, and enjoy it.” His films are so enjoyable that they have been dismissed as superficial. And they never annoy. Ezekiel Steiner

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