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rebecca posts on 5/24/2007 6:33:29 PM i love these books. so far. I haven't read the last one yet. I hate the endings of the other ones though cause they leave you hanging. It annoys me so bad, but I love them anyway. I want to read the specials so bad.
yesenia posts on 5/15/2007 6:58:36 PM I read uglies and it was a very exciting book. where can I find Preeties at? I really want to read it. If anyone knows where to get it please post!!!!!!
way2eval posts on 12/11/2006 11:03:37 PM So whats with this board? Its empty. Doesn't anyone like this books? Come on! I need people to get on so I can annoy them to death. Come on people post!

Daydreamer09 posts on 11/27/2006 9:41:10 PM Hey, this is my first posting. Amber I agree with you. I really liked Uglies because of David. As tally fell in love with him I did too. But Pretties was kind of dissapointing to me what with the whole Zane thing. Specials was good but I didn't want the series to end, are she and david together now?
Amber posts on 11/19/2006 3:57:07 PM I just read specials...I'm sort of hating it.Not because it's bad but because of what happens...
posts on 10/10/2006 11:55:08 AM what is the specials not heard of it only read his two Succession novels Risen Empire Killing of Worlds....
posts on 10/7/2006 12:39:26 AM has anyone read the specials yet? im dying to know what happens. i just got done with the second book and i really wanna know what happens to zane! post or email me if you have any info...
posts on 7/24/2006 1:00:15 AM I just started read the books, I am only on book 1. The books are one of the best books. I can't wait tell I finish the first book, and start the next book. Are all the books as good as the first one, I would like to know?
Zeekile posts on 10/8/2005 5:49:55 PM cricket.... cricket.... cricket.... COCKADOODLE DOOOooooOOO.
Nam posts on 10/8/2005 4:41:19 PM Thank fate that I noticed this book on the shelf, out of a million others! What luck! Scott Westerfeld definitely has a firm grip on what a 'realistic' future technology will look like, and how battle tactics will evolve in the next few hundred years. He's definitely given a lot of thought into his brainchild, and his attention to detail is addictive. He's clear and concise and to the point. His writing style is flawless. I can't wait for the third novel, and I pray that they NEVER make a film-version of 'Succession', because I can't see how moviemakers (in silly Hollywood) can EVER give justice to this masterpiece.
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