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sbonelo ngwane posts on 5/28/2009 9:40:10 AM god's bits of wood has the fundamental women potrayals
Alhaji F Wagay posts on 12/29/2008 12:44:53 PM Themes, Symbolism and the role of women in the God's Bits of Wood by Ousmane Sembene
carol posts on 12/3/2008 1:09:14 AM the railway strike sembene has a great vision for senegal social life

kesh posts on 10/31/2008 9:30:05 AM the potrayal of women in god's bits of wood
Mazzi Evelyne posts on 4/10/2008 4:53:42 AM what themes,techniques and character traits of Bakayoko,,Penda and Ndeye Touti are displayed in God's bits of wood
Timothy posts on 1/22/2008 10:22:34 AM How does the author use pathetic fallacy in the novel God's bits of wood
simon donald posts on 10/15/2006 3:08:00 PM what is the significance of Ramatoulaye's story in relation to the novel's preoccupation with the changing experiences of African women?
posts on 10/11/2006 4:46:17 AM Elaborate on Perculiarities that God's bits of Wood Have especially interms of writing style

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