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Nichole posts on 10/26/2007 10:21:27 PM Hi Ms. Draper! I will like to start off with telling you how much of a fantastic book writer you are! The first book I read by you were Tears Of a Tiger. Wonderful!, and after that I knew I would be looking forward to everything other book you wrote.I constantly found myself going into the school library search your name. That was in the 8th grade, and I also read others such as Forged by Fire, Copper Sun, and Battle of Jericho. I will be looking forward to reading November Blues. I'm currently in the 9th grade and still reading your books! Its the writers like you that makes reding worth it, Thank You!
tiara foster posts on 10/16/2007 6:05:30 PM Ms. Drapers, Tears Of A Tiger was the first book i ever read that you wrote ,but i must say that it was very interesting although it brought back alot of memories!!! I recently lost a close friend due to a drunk driver,and your book reminded me alot about that!!! But, overall it is a GREAT BOOK !!!
Briana posts on 10/1/2007 5:21:54 PM Ms. Sharon I have read Forged By Fire, Tears of a Tiger, and Darkness Before Dawn. My mom bought Copper Sun for me so I am looking forward to completing that book, Double Dutch, and Romiette and Julio. As many other people have said in their messages, I love ALL of the books you have written that I have read so far and I know that the others are going to be great as well. I attend Cordova High School in Memphis,TN and I,along with other students at the school who have read your books,would love it if you found time somewhere in your busy schedule to come and visit our and talk to us and maybe do a book signing. I put my info at the top of the form so if you could do that I would be in charge of getting this done so if can or cannot, please email me and to let me know. Thanks!!

Felicia posts on 9/30/2007 11:04:42 PM Your book Forged by Fire is my faveorite book in the whole world.I couldnt stop reading.I cried when Aunt Qween had a heart-attack. I am try to find a place were I can by Tears of Tiger.When I herd that name it reminded me of Angles cat.I am only 10 years old but if you ever showed up Heits Elementary school I would be so happy I would cry.
Anna posts on 9/17/2007 6:04:16 PM Dear Mrs. Draper, Last year my sisters friend died in a car crash and it devistated us very much. She will always be rembered and i know know that it could happen to anyone at anytime and i know i will never drink and drive even if im tempted. you really have been a positive person in my life.
annnierawls posts on 9/1/2007 6:10:49 PM Dear Ms.Draper i really luv this book because it's about true events in life.recently my brother's football team mate died in a car accident because his was driveing drunk and after i read your book it made me think about his situation and how your boo is so similar to it.all of this has really encouraged me to be carefully and not to ever drink and to live my life positive while i still have a chance to.I'd also want to ask you what is the setting of your story because i'm doing a project on it...
noelle posts on 6/20/2007 6:38:21 PM kia ora..that means hello wea im from..i first read ur book forged by fire while n our school library and i was hooked! i love the wae u expresd everythin its lyk u know how people feel coz believe me tears of a tiger and forged by fire it shows tru emotions..i hope u write more books bkoz i enjoy reading then az dats how basically me and my friends are..thanx alot!!!
Elexis posts on 6/5/2007 4:47:03 PM Dear Mrs. Draper I just wanted to tell you how much you inspired me to read a book. Its like every since I picked up my first book that was by you it was called Forged By Fire you see i use to hate to read but when i read your book i read it in one day and could not stop reading any of your books i wanted to ask what other books are you coming out with cause i cant wait to go buy them. well that is all for now.
sasha posts on 5/14/2007 6:24:59 PM ms draper i really luvv your stories lke tears of a tiger and forge by fire also darkness before dawn i would really luv to see u rite more like what happend in college for keisha and everyone i wish somehow they go to the same college and there friendship still last if i have to buy all ur books i will u r a terrific writer the best i've ever known i wish what i wrote motivated u to write the 4th book to the Hazelwood high trilogy i really luv ur books more than u can imagine
robert rice posts on 4/7/2007 8:43:39 AM ms draper came to our school too and i think she is really funny. i love her book. my class just got done reading tears of a tiger. i started to cry but i did not. they started selling charon draper book at school and when ms draper came she signed our books. (i bought double dutch).
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