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Rebecca Rodak posts on 8/17/2009 7:53:18 PM I think the Stargill brothers in The Rosewood Casket are so well-drawn and interesting that they should make appearances from time to time in other Ballad novels. I thought the story line about Garrett and Debba Stargill was particularly interesting, I hope she gets some counselling and goes on with her life either with or without him if he insists upon being a dolt, although I think she is the love of his life and that he is the best husband he is acapable of being. There were a few burning unanswered questions, such as how does Charles Martin feel about his ex-girlfriend marrying his underemployed brother? Does he write a hit song about it? Also, I think Kelley was a horrible mother. The characters seemed more focused on Debba's post-traumatic stress disorder from the rape attempt, then a mom who doesn't even check in on her young daughter for hours at a time. I hope the state doesn't take Kayla because of Kelley's ineptness at parenting, maybe Clayt can take over the childrearing duties! I didn't care for Lilah or Robert Lee. Lilah was pretty snide to both of the other women for very little reason. Her iamginary angel should say something about that to her.

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