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Gabi posts on 12/7/2008 3:34:11 AM Hi Cathy, 'Beauty' first published by Harper Collins in 1992, then Grafton in 1993 and again by HarperCollins Voyager in 1995. It starts out as the traditional Sleeping Beauty and then takes the usual(not) Sheri Tepper twist. There are a few other Nursery Rhyme Characters in there as well. I don't know how she does it. I'm going to read it again, but I have a queue of library books to read first. I love Sci-Fi & Fantasy but I have my favourites. I was intoduced to fantasy by Anne McCaffrey, on to Sheri, then Mary Gentle, Lois McMaster Bujold, Cecelia Dart-Thornton. What do you like?
Cathy Compston posts on 12/6/2008 2:52:31 PM I haven't read Beauty...probably one of the one Sherri Tepper books I haven't read. When was it published? Has anyone read Gate to Womens' Country? It's a comment on the effect of the over production of testerone on the human race! It's a bit feminist in attitude but also humanist; something Sherri Tepper is so good at.
Gabi posts on 12/5/2008 2:51:09 AM Is anybody out there? Sheri S Tepper has always included a message in her books. I can't think what the first one was, but it was some time before I got the message and then went back and read everything in the right order. Aha! I said. And went looking for more. I agree about Beauty. I must read it again. I thinkd SST included a few more Fairytale characters in it. She Is definitely out to change the world. A pity she doesn't have much of an audience here. What an imagination and doesn't she think up the strangest of names. I just remembered the first book I read. It was The Revenants. It was hard to follow at first, but once you're hooked, you're HOOKED.

Anonymous posts on 2/10/2007 2:24:37 PM Beauty is an amazing story that is my FAVORITE. It's chilling, heartbreaking at times, and yet fills you with joy and happiness and hope, it's pretty much a book that everyone should read. It makes the reader think of our future and past and I love the way she puts together the fairy tales into this gripping and amazing story
Clay posts on 9/1/2005 11:23:33 AM Hey, maybe the world is (I think so) a better place because of her writings, as unnoticeable as the betterment may be.
Cathy Compston posts on 8/30/2005 7:35:23 PM I love Sherri Tepper's writing, and have read most of her 1990's books. In particular, The Fresco, Family Tree, and Grass were wonderful. She pulls you in with fantastic worlds, characters you can't help empathizing with, and great story lines. Her message is as much about how we humans are messing up this earth, and our ridiculous right wing policies regarding women, religion, etc, as anything else. READ SHERRI TEPPER!!
Sky posts on 5/24/2005 1:30:32 PM I have been reading Sheri S. Tepper's books since the late 80"s and I am amazed that they haven't changed the world.

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